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  • Investment from: 1770 $
  • Payback from: 3 mon.
  • Turnover/month from: 2760 $

A Russian startup has been attracting millions of dollars

| 28.04.2021
Russian startup has been attracting millions of dollars

A Russian startup specializing in autonomous billions of trading has been attracting millions of dollars from Europe, the USA and the United Kingdom for several months.

In late March 2021, quickly, a young startup from Moscow raised about $3 million from the Cayman Islands venture fund Gauss Ventures, two other investors who wished to remain anonymous, and Maxim Poletaev, a former vice president and first deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank. Poletaev invested about $370,000 from his personal funds in Lively. The preseeding round of investments, which took place in the United States, brought the project about $2 million, the next round is due to take place in May, in the Fast they expect about $6 million.

Founded in 2018, Briskly has developed a line of innovative standalone retail equipment. The company said its B-Pay app is already in use in more than 11,000 retail outlets, with customers scanning barcodes on products and paying for them using their gadgets.

"With smartly hardware, your store can sell 15% more and run twice as fast. No staff, no queues, ”says the startup. Briskly has also developed micro self-service vending machines ("Micromarkets”): these "smart refrigerators” can be installed in an office, mall for fast food and junk food.

At the moment, Mikromarket is being sold at a price of $1,300. "Since the beginning of this year, we have been selling micro vending machines in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Lithuania and Croatia, Bodro reports. The first copies are already successfully operating in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan." The general director of the company Gleb Kharitonov announced this to the EWDN news portal. "After Germany, we plan to expand actively throughout Europe,” he said.

Briskly Micromarket Franchise

Quickly recently acquired a plant in Vyborg, near the border with Finland, which made the European market more accessible to the company. "We also plan to open our first offices in the US and the United Kingdom by the end of 2021,” declares this young and maddeningly ambitious startup.

Now Briskly Go is actively promoting its third product, this is a "turnkey automated store", its complete set includes the necessary technical equipment and a security system. It can currently be purchased for $25,600, according to the company's website. Kharitonov says that he is rapidly introducing the latest developments to improve the security of his applications, services and payment system.

"When you target overseas markets, you need to do everything perfectly." Promptly provides its foreign clients with 24/7 online support and individual managers. Equipment support is carried out through the company's partner network.

According to Kharitonov, the autonomous process of retailing through hardware quickly, when shoppers open the door, scan-code and place an order through a mobile app, is unparalleled. "It took us a whole year to create a really good barcode reader and ordering app. Our competitors don't even come close to reporting these features."

Among these competitors is I, offered by Uvenco (Russia), with a more classic approach to small office vending machines. On the world stage, it will briskly compete with such companies as MishiPay, Scan & Go (UK), Future Proof Retail (USA), 365 Retail Markets (USA). Indian startup Purple, which operates in the same industry, was recently acquired by Amazon.

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