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Topfranchise's team of franchise professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you with reaching your goals.

Topfranchise Team

Hear the story of Topfranchise and how we have become the industry leaders thanks to coordinated strategic and legal planning for our clients' franchises, and bringing operational and marketing services together under one roof.

Topfranchise's group of experts started with two people, Vasil Gazizulin and Viktor Bolshakov. The company was opened in 2013. During this time, we have helped to develop over 1000 franchises!

The Topfranchise team has drown on the experience helping thousands of valued clients. Look at the track record of companies we have helped to. Their dreams came true when we had guided them through the franchise process. We want to hear your story. If you have an interesting idea, let us help you with starting a franchise and get profit from it. You can be our next story of success.

Let us introduce ourselves!

Vasil Gazizulin

Founder and managing partner of TopFranchise.ru and TopFranchise.com companies, international expert in the field of franchising.

From 2009 to 2014 he was the general director of the franchise network called Expedition. 360 stores. He opened Expedition stores in Hong Kong, Belgrade and San Francisco.

Organizer of the off-road race Expedition Trophy.

Over the past 5 years together with the Topfranchise team he has introduced more than 250 companies to the franchise market.

Speaker and organizer of events dedicated to franchises.

Organizer of the Russian Alley of Brands at international franchise exhibitions.

Import and export specialist. Lived in China for a year.


Speaker of BUYBRAND Franchise Exhibition

Speaker of events in the centers MY BUSINESS.

Member of the Russian Franchising Association.

Author of a book «Grow Up With a Franchise»

Forbes columnist.

Felix De Wit

Leading expert on franchising in Western Europe, ex-master of the RE/MAX franchisee.

Victor Bolshakov   

Co-founder of Topfranchise, has extensive experience in internet marketing and promotion.

Maria Novikova

She is engaged in the creation and sale of franchises, owned the Mexican Burger franchise.

Let's start

Now, when you know more about our team, let's start to build your own franchise. Contact us and ask one of our franchise specialists any questions you have about the franchise.

Our big experience can even help you to improve your existing franchise. Find out how we work and what to expect by contacting us by phone. Or perhaps you would prefer to meet the Topfranchise team at one of our seminars. Come and visit us at an upcoming event. Topfranchise's experienced team is the backbone of our industry leadership, but our team is not everything that sets us apart from our competitors. We offer specific services to help you with building your franchise business from the ground up. Visit our headquarters in Boston to know instructions on how to quickly get started with Topfranchise specialists, what it takes to hire our team, and the requirements to get started with us. And if you decide to use the Topfranchise team to help you to implement and grow your franchise, we've come up with several pricing and payment options for you to choose from.

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Василь Газизулин
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