Russian artificial intelligence will grow raspberries in the United Arab Emirates

| 02.03.2021
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The Russian company Greenbar presented its products at the world exhibition of revolutionary food in the UAE, Dubai GulFood. The largest global exhibition in the field of innovative food GulFood 2021 (HoReCa, food, and beverages) brings together market leaders in this area and is held from February 21 to 25 in the UAE, Dubai, Dubai International Convention and, Exhibition Center. GulFood is the leading food industry event in the world and the Gulf and Middle East region. The exhibition is an important international platform for discussing key issues of the industry, which annually attracts more than 5,000 companies from 120 countries and over 97,000 visitors from 185 countries. This year, Greenbar, with the support of the Foreign Economic Activity Support Fund, presented the “Virtual Agronomist” digital technologies for vertical farming. "Virtual Agronomist" is a neural network capable of growing greens, vegetables, berries, and even algae!

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Greenbar has become one of the leaders in the global market for closed vertical farming and the official winner of the FoodTech 500 World Ranking in 2020! “FoodTech 500 is a list of leading innovators and pioneers in the industry, as well as permanent leaders in the emerging food, technology and, sustainability sector. The FoodTech 500 listed companies represent every sector of the FoodTech ecosystem, from farm to fork, and are all success stories in their own right to scale, emulate and invest in. Greenbar and partners are planning to open the world's first digital raspberry and blackberry growing farm on 2,000 sq. meters. While large corporations are testing AI on salads and cucumbers, a small innovative enterprise has already released a commercial version and is successfully scaling its results. Growing berries in greenhouses is an expensive labor-intensive business, and berry plants are capricious and demanding. Usually, the cultivation of raspberries and blackberries in Russia is a seasonal topic. And if strawberries have long been grown in greenhouses in hydroponics, then with berries such as raspberries, blackberries, cloudberries, and blueberries, things are much more complicated. These crops are demanding in temperature, light, nutrient substrate, and moisture conditions. At the slightest failure, flowers are dropped, or they simply dry out. It is a risky business to invest in raspberry farms in a greenhouse version when there are no guarantees of yield during the winter period. For 4 years Greenbar has been testing the revolutionary technology of the completely closed farm 0 City Farm, where many sensors monitor the irrigation power supply, temperature, and humidity conditions, avoiding the human factor and the influence of weather conditions. Everything is controlled by a "virtual agronomist" using a neural network. The database contains thousands of variations of solution algorithms for the successful cultivation of fresh and sweet berries without risks. Such a farm can rather be called a production of berries, where you can calculate up to 1 day the harvest time and the number of berries grown from each bush, just like in a pharmacy.

Vertical farming technologies based on hydroponics are actively developing in the countries of the Middle East. The Russian company practices the principles of dry bioponics without the use of fertilizers, in which even less water is consumed and the harvest is exclusively organic. "Virtual agronomist" knows how to grow greens, vegetables, and berries in the nearest 600 items, but this is the beginning. In the future, the neural network itself will be able to select algorithms and grow absolutely any plants, both edible and decorative.

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