The best Russian franchises to launch in Europe

| 03.09.2021

OneGlamping Hotel Franchise For Sale

OneGlamping franchise

This is the idea of a new tourist format, that combines outdoor recreation with the benefits of civilization. This is a vacation for a modern person, who loves nature, but is not ready to sacrifice urban comfort. No ascetic life - a soft bed, a warm shower, Wi-Fi. And, behind the door - nature: greenery, fresh air, birdsong, sunrise, and sunsets.

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To ask the franchise representative your questions: Felix de Wit

OneGlamping has a franchise fee of up to $15,000 with a total initial investments from $125,500

Initial investments: from $125,500
Payback period: 2,92 years
Average monthly turnover: $114,307
Royalty: 5% from revenue per month
Franchise fee: from $15,000

ID.WORLD – remote service access system

ID WORLD franchise

The business solution provides an opportunity to connect to off-the-shelf software for remote contract signing and activation of the vendor company's service.

Access to ID.WORLD software products is provided in a client-server format. Corporate partners, that franchisees connect to the platform, can start using the product immediately, without wasting time on software installation and staff training.

The components of the system: the server (franchisees' accounts, corporate partners' accounts) and the application for individual customers (downloadable via Google Play and App Store, others).

The apps are adapted to different usage scenarios and cover such industries as telecommunications, financial, travel, distance education, real estate and car rental services, age-restricted retail sales, and all businesses and organizations that require a pass-through system.

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To ask the franchise representative your questions: ID.WORLD

Initial investments: Franchise purchase (lump sum) - from 100 to 450 thousand euros (depending on the country's population).
+ Server rent. Office rent. Insurance

Payback period: 3 years

Average monthly turnover: depends on the country, the population, and income level (in Germany, 36,000 euros - for franchisee).

AQUATICA Franchise For Sale – Drainage Systems and Site Development

AQUATICA franchise

The company «AQUATICA» - drainage and stormwater systems, wastewater and deep biological treatment systems, drinking water treatment systems, landscaping, automatic irrigation systems, construction and maintenance of ponds and reservoirs.

Today «AQUATICA» is represented in Yoshkar-Ola - the parent company and 4 franchise partners in cities, such as Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary, Lipetsk and the Republic of Crimea. We are the members of the Russian Federation and Republic of Mari El Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2019.

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To ask the franchise representative your questions: Felix de Wit

«AQUATICA» has a franchise fee ranges from $29,500, with a total initial investments from $13,500.

Payback period: from 3 months
Average turnover per month: $22,900
Royalties: 5%
Franchise fees: $29,500
Other current payments: none

«TWO BROTHERS» shoe cleaning service is a unique franchise

TWO BROTHERS franchise

Start the unique «TWO BROTHERS» shoe cleaning service in your city!

For 4 years we have been cleaning, painting, repairing shoes and bags.

There are already 16 franchises in Russia and the CIS.

Cleaning is cheaper than purchase
We save our customers money, because timely shoe care increases the life of their shoes in TWO times.

Always have work
We have low business seasonality – we clean and paint sneakers and shoes all year round.

One window
Our client receives repairing, cleaning, painting, ozonation.

Conscious consumption
An eco-friendly theme important to environmentally conscious customers.

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To ask the franchise representative your questions: Petrov Alexander

Investments in renovation work, advertising: from $5,000
Purchase of a franchise: $29,000
Royalty: 5% from revenue per month, starting from the 7th month of work
Opening time: 4-6 weeks from the date of the lease agreement
Payback: 12-16 months
Profit: from the first month
Total: from $24,000

SafPoly – we will help you open a children`s center in your city

Safpoly franchise

Safpoly is an international network of children's supplementary education centers.

Main directions of work:
Speed reading courses. Mental arithmetic. Learning to read.

Starting investments depend on the format of the center.
You can open mall branch in an office building up to €7,000

A room with a separate entrance and two classes: from €12,000 - 24,000

6-9 months average payback for the project

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To ask the franchise representative your questions: Yulia Safenkova

Investments in renovation work, advertising: from €5,000
Purchase of a franchise: from €6,000
Royalty: the cost of three season tickets, starting from the 4th month of work
Opening time: 3-8 weeks from the date of the lease agreement
Payback: 10-15 months
Other current payments: none