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Description of Franchise Robotics Robboclub

We offer you a franchise for setting up a robotics club for kids and teenagers from 5 to 15 years old in your district or city. We encourage you to become our partner in teaching kids programming and robotics as well as to start a new profitable business.

Robboclub provides you with educational equipment kits such as digital laboratories, robot construction kits, 3d printers. The kits are easily assembled, as they include sensors which are attached with magnetic fasteners. Besides, the Scratch programming language, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, enables you to teach either a child or a teenager to program a robot just for an hour, so the result of their work is immediately visible.

Franchise Robotics Robboclub

Franchise advantages

What are the other benefits of the kits devised by Robboclub?

  • Easy to use
    — facilitate teacher`s work and are interesting for kids. With Аrduino kits teachers can easily show and explain the basics of robotics, the work with main microelectronic components, how the sensors work, and how to adjust and calibrate them.
  • Intended for mass introduction
    — in schools, technical clubs
    requires minimum training for a teacher
    recommended for children from 5 years.
  • Easy to prepare for classes and perform a difficult task as fast as in 10-15 minutes
    — can either be assembled or disassembled and then programed according to the topic of the lesson.
  • Open source software released under a free license
    — having downloaded instructions from the Internet users can easily study, modify, make sensors and spare parts themselves, for example on a 3D printer, and create a device from scratch starting with a robot`s body and finishing with its software.
  • All components are devised and produced in Russia
    correspond to Federal state educational standards and help to implement uniform educational standards throughout Russian Federation.

Arduino is one of the best robotics educational projects in the world and you have an opportunity to join our team.

Franchise Opportunities - Robboclub

Franchise offer

We offer two options for partnership:

  • Package 1: Programming on Scratch, lump-sum payment is $880
  • Package 2: Programming, robo-platform, laboratory, microelectronics and 3D-printing, lump-sum payment is $5,300.
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Business model

What can bring profit ?

  • clubs
  • makarton
  • robo-marathons
  • excursions for school kids
  • outreach kids summer camps for learning robotics
  • vacation city camps organized in a club
  • other events.
Attractive Franchise Opportunity. Robboclub

How much does Robboclub franchise cost?

Robboclub has the franchise fee range of $880 to $5,300, with total initial investment  from $7,070.

Initial investments: from $7,070.


  • Lump - sum payment
  • rental payment
  • fee for registration of a legal entity
  • equipment cost
  • furniture cost
  • advertising cost.

Payback period: from 5 months.
Turnover per month: from $6,180.
Royalties: 10% of turnover but not less than $88.
Franchise fee: from $880 to $5,300, depending on the chosen option of the franchise offer.

Our partners receive the following:

  • The right to work under the brand-name "Robboclub"
  • Video lessons on programming in Scratch for teachers
  • Sub-account for students in CRM
  • Subdomain on a corporate site
  • Business - book with instructions for starting and developing a business
  • Test - tasks for students
  • Brand Book with mockups and branded products
  • Teachers Books and lesson plans
  • Teacher training, examination, certification
  • Tasks and scenarios for all activities with technical assignment
  • Participation of franchise projects in robotics festivals.

Other current payments: from $7,070.

For advanced packages it is necessary to purchase an additional equipment (robotic platforms, laboratories, 3D-printer and circuitry sets).

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Success Story

  • Our company entered the Top-30 and received Google Rise Awards international grants in 2013 - 2014.
  • We got St. Petersburg City Government Award for the best innovative product.
  • We were named "Breakthrough of the Year" In St. Petersburg Annual Competition for small and medium-sized enterprises "Exporter of the Year", November 25, 2015.
  • We are residents of Skolkovo.
  • Scratch and Arduino were used in an educational project for schoolkids and teachers.
  • We conducted a joint promotional campaign for Intel on Scratch.
  • We translated the manual and the programming language interface into Russian.
  • We worked on projects for integrating free software into school curriculum, together with the publishing house BINOM.
  • We tested ScratchDuino products (Laboratories and Platforms) in schools of Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg.
  • A contest of free robotics "Robofactory ScratchDuino" was held by us at the International Olympiad "IT Planet", in which over 900 school kids took part.
  • We won the competition in Finland organized by the Finnish government and discovered the Finnish market.
Requirements for buying the franchise
  • Willingness to follow quality standards
  • Enough time to commit to business development
  • Creative approach to teaching
  • Necessary funds available to invest in a chosen package of the franchise offer.
Requirements for the room and location
  • A room with the area of approx. 15-20 m² in schools or kids clubs.
The information is provided from public sources on the Internet
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