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Description of the Franchise JoxBox - A Unique Surprise Gift Service

All of us have encountered the challenge of choosing a special gift when pressed for time.

JoxBox is an absolutely new and unique surprise gift service for any country. We provide an individual approach to every customer.

A customer decides on the price of a gift, describes hobbies and interests of the receiver, and our team chooses a gift while considering the requirements.

The selling point of our service is that the gift we choose is a surprise for both the customer and the recipient!

Gift stores are an obsolete and outdated idea nowadays! Many people are not willing to choose a present. Instead, they’d like it to be chosen, wrapped and delivered without wasting their own precious time and efforts! JoxBox offers exactly what customers demand! We choose, wrap and deliver each gift in a fast, nice and affordable price way and with positive emotions!

JoxBox is not just a new service on the market but a breakthrough that will change the format of gift-giving.

Franchise opportunities - JoxBox


Start your business with us! Become our franchisee by opening your own gift-giving agency in your city and begin to get profit from the first month of work!

Franchise for Sale - JoxBox
Best Franchise to Open - JoxBox

How much does JoxBox franchise cost?

JoxBox has the franchise fee of up to $2,650, with total initial investment from $4,000.

Initial investments: starting at $4,000.

  • Purchase of goods needed to start: $1,500.
  • Printed materials: $85.
  • Wrapping materials: $85.

Payback period: starting at 4 months.
Monthly turnover, avg.: $1,650.
Royalties: a fixed fee of $165 from the second month of work.

The development of our partner business is important for us, that is why we charge a fixed fee royalties regardless of a growing franchise revenue.

Franchise Fee: $2,650.

Franchise Fee includes:

  • The right to start JoxBox service and use the trademark;
  • Step-by- step guide to starting a business;
  • Standards of running the business and providing services;
  • Marketing support;
  • Access to 1C automated sales and profit accounting system;
  • Full list of all suppliers;
  • Full package of design layouts;
  • Marketplace - a website.

Other current expenses: starting at $85.

  • Trade stand $100 (not mandatory at opening)
  • Starting at $120 for rent of a place (in case you have a trading stand)
  • Up to $85 advertising costs (promotion on social networks)

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Success story

More than 4000 happy customers and successful partnerships with big companies.

JoxBox - Successful Franchise Business
gift service franchise JoxBox
Start your own business franchise opportunity - JoxBox
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Franchise JoxBox

Business Model

Average markup is 135%.
20% of orders are from corporate customers.
80% of orders are from individual customers.

advantages of the franchise JoxBox
advantages of the franchise JoxBox
advantages of the franchise JoxBox
Best Franchise to Open - JoxBox
Gift service business opportinities - franchise JoxBox
Gift service business opportinities - franchise JoxBox

Requirements to buy the franchise
  • Young, proactive, creative and ambitious people ready for self-development and making money;
  • Experience in running a business and project promotion can be a benefit.
Requirements for the room
  • 15-20 sqm room or office, including coworking and creative space;
  • 2 sqm in / near a trading mall (not mandatory to open).
  • Trading stand in a trading center (acquired additionally according to franchisee wishes).

JOXBOX franchise advantages

  • New unique product
  • Large target audience
  • Very simple business
  • One city, one franchisee
  • No competition
  • High profit margin
  • Fast payback period
  • Long customer life cycle
  • Up to 60% of sales are based on customer recommendations.
Gift service business opportinities - franchise JoxBox

  • Starting investments from:
    240 000 $
  • Company founding year
  • Year of franchise launch
  • Franchisees
  • Owned companies
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