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Description of the franchise Virtual Planetarium ALTAIR VR

entertainment franchises - franchise Virtual Planetarium ALTAIR VR

How it works:

All you need to do is arrange with school authorities about a session then come to the school, distribute virtual reality headsets to children, press the button on your tablet, and begin a synchronous planetarium session of amazing quality. Collect your fees and you’re off to the next school!

You have at your disposal the content of Moscow, Novosibirsk and other planetariums, dubbed into Russian and matched to the age of kids.

The quality of a virtual planetarium session is several times better than the one of mobile planetariums and many stationary ones.

entertainment franchises - franchise Virtual Planetarium ALTAIR VR


There is no need for renting premises, as at the initial stage you will work at schools. A 10 m² office space will be enough for the working place of a sales manager.

You can also install a virtual planetarium in a passable place and work with the incoming customer flow. However, that is not the main way to earn money, this can be discussed privately.

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It costs $16,500 for buying ten sets for viewers to start in the city with 1 mln citizens.

You can buy the sets from us or anywhere else.

VR franchises - franchise Virtual Planetarium ALTAIR VR

How much does Altair VR franchise cost?

Altair VR has the franchise fee of up to $8,200, with total initial investment of up to $9,200.

Initial investments: $9,200.


  • Equipment: iPad, speakers 2.0, 90+ W, bags for transportation;
  • Starting package of promotional materials: approx. $850;
  • Buying Samsung S7 smartphones + virtual reality Samsung Gear VR headsets - $750;
  • Minimum quantity is 10 sets.

Payback period, avg.: 6 months.
Monthly turnover, avg.: $5,000.
Royalties: $0.15 per 1 viewer.
Lump sum: from $8,200.

  • Detailed instructions on how to start the business and gain profit in two weeks running.
  • Support in arranging sales: a guide, calls and meetings script samples.
  • An account in our CRM-system, where all information about working activities is stored.
  • Access to a modern system of distance education for staff training.
  • Work regulations for each employee and the whole company.
  • A complete customer database of your region (for Russia).
  • Assistance in state registration and choice of taxation.
  • Constant access to the franchise community for sharing experiences.
  • Constant consultations on business, legal and accounting issues.

Other current expenses: no.

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You arrive at school and hold virtual planetarium viewing sessions. Up to 18 sessions a day can be held (average is 10).

Ticket price is $3.5 per person. Approximate spendings for one viewer is $1 if you work alone, and up to $1.7 when you hire staff.

There are nearly 1000 or more students in an average city school. According to statistics, 30% of school kids would like to attend a planetarium session. Thus, your proceeds are $3.5 * 300 people = $1,050 and your profits are from $540 up to $750.

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Requirements for buying this franchise
  • Willingness to do business;
  • Adequacy;
  • Understanding of business logic.
Requirements for the room
  • Any room or classroom.


    • Your average profit is $3,300 a month. With minimum costs and expenses, it is possible to reach 70% of profitability;
    • Step by step training within a modern system of distance education with a possibility to monitor employee progress;
    • Access to our CRM-system, which collects all the information about who, where, when holds sessions and how many of them are held, and provides an option to remotely control all business processes;
    • Ready market but the product is much better than competitive offerings
    • Exclusive to your city/region;
    • Quick start - it takes just two to three weeks to start this business;
    • Socially responsible business.
    Franchise for Sale - Altair VR
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