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Description of Payment System franchise "Bloomzed"

Franchise opportunities - Bloomzed

Bloomzed is a universal software solution for legal entities and individuals.

For legal entities

Universal merchant acquiring giving an opportunity to accept payments for the goods, works, services offered not only via classical methods of payment cards, such as «Visa», «MasterCard», «Union Pay», «Mir» and others but also via e-money of the «bloomzed» system itself and third party e-money systems, such as «Web money», «Yandex Money», «QIWI Wallet», «Money» and others, to accept cryptocurrencies, such as «bloomzed coin», «Bitcoin», «Ethereum» and others, to receive payment for the goods, services via money transfer systems, such as «Contact», «Golden Crown» and others.

Marketing and advertising instrument enabling one to constantly keep in touch with customers via an informational channel within the system that makes it possible to inform the customer about Special Offers, Discounts and forthcoming Events at the seller’s outlets. Besides geo-location system and reference information system will help the user to find the outlet easily, learn its working hours, contact details, goods and services offered.

Universal loyalty system making it possible to organize loyalty systems without additional expenses on hardware and software components; with the use of the «bloomzed» system one can activate without any difficulty Discounts, Bonuses, Cashbacks, Coupons.

For individuals

Money transfers – plenty of money transfer options:

  • from «bloomzed» wallet to «bloomzed» wallet;
  • from «bloomzed» wallet to payment cards «Visa», «MasterCard», «Union Pay», «Mir» and vice versa;
  • from «bloomzed» wallet to other payment system wallets, such as «Web money», «Yandex Money», «QIWI Wallet», «Money» and vice versa;
  • from «bloomzed» wallet to cryptocurrency wallet and vice versa;
  • from «bloomzed» wallet to international money transfer systems, such as «Contact», «Golden Crown» and others and vice versa.

Safe and fast payments via NFC and QR technologies - «bloomzed» gives an opportunity to pay for goods, works, services with a couple of taps on the screen of your phone, both on the Internet and at physical outlets.

Mobile payment terminal – via «bloomzed», the user can pay for more than 5,000 services from the comfort of his/her home, office or car: taxes, fines, cellular communication services and Internet connection, Internet stores and games, parking, fare, make utilities and communal payments and a lot more. The number of services is growing steadily.

Loans – for individual users of «bloomzed» system there are several credit programs provided by the system itself and partner banks.

Loyalty system gives the user an opportunity to receive, accumulate, transfer and keep partner systems’ Discounts, Bonuses, Cashbacks and Coupons.

Finance management – «bloomzed» will enable the users to manage their money easily and quickly.

Virtual storage - «bloomzed» will help you to keep conveniently and safely your personal documents: passports, bank cards, certificates and insurance policies, car documents and others.

Franchising offer

We offer you an opportunity:

  • to open a Bloomzed representative office in your city;
  • and to join a powerful team of developers and entrepreneurs on the international technological platform.
Franchise for Sale - Bloomzed

How much does Bloomzed franchise cost?

Bloomzed has the franchise fee from $10,000, with total initial investment from $2,000.

Initial investments: from $2,000 -

  • Franchise fee;
  • A 6-month rent of office;
  • Purchase of office equipment and furniture;
  • A 6-month payroll;
  • A legal entity registration;
  • Advertising materials;
  • A 6-month overhead budget (transportation expenses, consumables: office supplies, stationery, Internet, cellular connection and others).

Payoff period: from 10 months.
Average turnover per month: from $5,800.
Royalty: none.

Franchise fee: from $10,000 -

  • A registered trade mark;
  • Consulting support of any legal issues concerning the Bloomzed project in a franchisee’s region;
  • Technical support works 24/7, constantly monitoring all systems’ and services’ workability and efficiency. In case of failures and runtime errors our specialists will always help you to solve the problem in the real time mode;
  • Marketing and advertising service support, both on the global level and on the local management level in the franchisee’s area (the design of all advertising layouts, strategic solutions for marketing and advertising, marketing promotion plan);
  • Training in Bloomzed technologies and services;
  • Call-center.

Other current payments: from $1,500 -

  • Rentals;
  • Wages;
  • Advertising.

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Business model

A franchisee gets up to 100% of the connection cost and up to 70% of the payment fee.

Best Franchise to Open - BloomzedBloomzed - Successful Franchise Business
Requirements to buy franchise
  • Availability of necessary money;
  • Desire to progress, communicate with people, develop new directions;
  • The business can be interesting to practicing entrepreneurs working in network and distribution business;
  • You can buy a Bloomzed franchise and add it to the existing business.
Requirements to the premises
  • You can open a business on the basis of your operating business;
  • Availability of Internet connection.
Office facility
  • Office in a business center from 20 sq. m.

Advantages of a franchise

  • A 14-year experience in business (all nuances of doing business are taken into account)!
  • The project team of more than 300 professionals.
  • Software developer’s experience in the IT sphere exceeding 12 years.
  • Video instruction for partners and customers.
  • A complete Brand book.
  • Sales algorithm.
  • Integrated Call-center.
  • Centralized Marketing Department.
  • Technical support 24/7.
  • Minimal requirements to open an office and hire the staff.
  • Growing e-payments market.
  • Opportunity for getting additional business directions.

79% of online purchasers in Russia believe that in the near future they will use mobile devices to pay for goods in ordinary stores.

According to the communication agency Ampersand’s forecast, by 2018 30% of Russians will pay for their purchases with the help of mobile phones.

According to J’son & Partners Consulting, the number of regular QR-codes users in Russia amounted to 9 million people in 2014, and this sector keeps growing by 260% annually. Marketing Media Review called QR-codes No.1 trend in shopping in 2015. 79% of online purchases in Russia believe that in the near future they will use mobile devices to pay for goods in ordinary stores. According to the communication agency Ampersand’s forecast, by 2018 30% of Russians will pay for their purchases with the help of mobile phones.

Offline trade (30.6 trillion rubles), online trade (2.9 trillion rubles), mobile commerce (1 trillion rubles), utilities payments (4 trillion rubles), credit settlements (10 trillion rubles) and others. In 2013 the volume of bank card operations amounted to 33 trillion rubles. The growth rate is 70%/year. In 2014 the number of regular QR-codes users amounted to 9 million people. The growth rate is 260%/year. More than 50% of all purchased mobile phones in Russia are smartphones. The growth rate is 40%/year.

The information is provided from public sources on the Internet
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