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Description of the Franchise Bivan 

In April 2016 Nikolay Belousov and Ivan Kudryavtsev launched the brand of inflatable furniture Bivan, having collected a record amount of appr. $70,700 on Boomstarter crowdfunding platform. After the first campaign, we received hundreds of requests from people who wanted to become our official representatives and sell bivans in different regions. Therefore, we have prepared a special program for Bivan franchise. The concept of Bivan franchise is in marketing support on regional TV, assistance in organizing trade, giving instructions, redirecting orders from Bivan site to a partner region.

Franchise offer

Sales tools

  • Website and operations:
    • Website and operations;
    • regional orders from bivan website (our call center confirms orders and transfers them for delivery);
    • integration with Bivan website for redirecting orders to your region;
    • commodity accounting unified system, a real time control of orders, a retail point of sale interface;
    • a cloud-based system on your tablet, connected to POS and bank card terminal;
    • monthly reconciliation and record of non-cash orders;
    • dropbox with all the promotional materials.
  • Marketing (budget for the whole country is $167,000):
    • Regional TV advertising (TNT, STS, REN - TV, Piatnitsa, TV - 3, advertising period is 30 days);
    • Advertising on Youtube channels of popular bloggers;
    • Advertising on Facebook, VK, OK with location targeting;
    • Ten food video ads released during summer.
  • Advertising materials
    • A sales script for a seller for handling objections, instructions for staff recruitment;
    • A video for demonstration at a point of sale;
    • Brochures, leaflets, business cards;
    • Banners, rolls, flags design;
    • Trading equipment layout;
    • Our specialist consultations.


Initial investments: from $2,850:

  • Platform IT support costs: $50;
  • Initial purchase of goods: $1,470;
  • Equipment: $1,130.

Payback period: 2 months.
Monthly turnover,  avg.: $7,000.
Royalties: none.
Lump sum payment: none.
Other current expenses (for 3 months): from $12,260:

  • Staff (from 1 to 5 people) - $1,670;
  • Goods (except for Initial purchase) - $9,000;
  • Delivery - $250;
  • Rental (except for the first month) - $400;
  • Platform IT support costs (2 months) - $100;
  • Additional expenses (advertising materials, etc.) - $170;
  • Tax (UTII, patent) - $670.

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Business Model

Bivan Franchise
Assortment: Bivan 1.0, Bivan 2.0, lighting set, pegs, repair kit
Working period for a selling spot three months - from June,1 to September,1
Trade margin 98%
Sales price $42
Profit for the whole period $20,750
Sold (items) 500
Initial investments, including
Lump sum payment
Marketing fee
from $2,850
Platform IT support costs (3 months) $50
Initial purchase of goods $1,470
1 month rental from $200
Equipment $1,130
Current expenses, including from $12,280
Staff (from 1 to 5 people) $1,670
Goods (except for Initial purchase) $9,000
Delivery $250
Rental (except for the first month) from $400
Platform IT support costs (2 months) $100
Additional expenses (advertising materials, etc.) $170
Tax (UTII, patent) $670
Profit for the whole period $5,630
Monthly profit $1,400

  • No cooperation with other manufacturers of inflatable furniture;
  • Posting feedback videos (photos) of local leaders on Instagram;
  • Advertising on Vkontakte popular local public pages and groups;
  • Shooting local videos / photos with product demonstration;
  • Participation in local outdoor activities (with more than 1,000 participants);
  • Planning purchases 2 weeks in advance.
  • from 10 m².
  • A corner in a shopping mall.

    Franchise advantages

    We are the biggest inflatable sofa manufacturer in Russia.
    Well-established production allows us to keep to the delivery schedule and control the quality of goods.

    • Starting investments from:
      2 850 $
    • Company founding year
    • Year of franchise launch
    • Franchisees
    • Own companies
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    Information provided: Medrobots Stor, LLC
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