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Vkus Detstva is a cafe chain that specializes in the full production cycle of fast, delicious and natural food. The unique system of authorization enables business control of all processes for efficient work of the chain and minimization of all the risks related to management.

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The Concept of Vkus Detstva Cafe
Vkus Detstva reminds of positive childhood memories. The author’s design of the interior reminds each guest of well-known and loved characters of fairy tales and cartoons. Come and feel positive emotions caused by pleasant memories of your childhood!

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Our menu includes both fast food such as chebureki, donuts, sausage bread rolls, and home-made dishes such as borscht, dumplings,vareniki.

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Our hits baked chebureki and donuts as well as milkshakes, are really delicious and much better than the ones cooked in other cafes and eateries. A number of our guests visit us in order to buy them.

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Why do guests choose Vkus Detstva?

  • We create an atmosphere that enables positive emotions caused by pleasant memories of childhood!
  • We offer delicious dishes which have been loved since childhood.
  • We do not use semi-finished products and flavoring agents.
  • Own delicious cuisine at affordable prices.
  • Pre-order service through a single phone number.
  • Loyalty program for regular guests.
  • Comprehensive service: parking place with video surveillance, summer verandas, game monitors, perfectly clean toilets, vending machines, pleasant music.
  • Free and unlimited Wi-Fi.
  • Game monitors “Magic Screens” are installed for children.

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How much does the Vkus Detstva cafe franchise cost?

Vkus Detstva has a franchise fee of $6,500, with a total initial investment from $6,500.

Vkus Detstva Franchise Offer

We are sharing with our franchisees our experience with cafe opening, assistance in selecting and training staff, favorable conditions of working with suppliers, and a proven business model.

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Vkus Detstva Cafe Formats

Vkus Detstva Cafe
The opening of a new Vkus Detstva roadside cafe with the full support of the management company.

  • The area from 180-200 sq.m.
  • Power consumption from 50 kW.
  • Availability of engineering communications: electricity, sewerage, central water supply or well.
  • Availability of parking from 10 cars.
  • Investments from $6,500.
  • Franchise fee: $6,500.
  • Royalties: 5%.
  • Opening term: 3 months.

The rebranding of an existing roadside cafe.

  • The area from 180-200 sq.m.
  • Power consumption from 50 kW
  • Availability of engineering communications: electricity, sewerage, central water supply or well.
  • Availability of parking from 10 cars.
  • Investments are calculated individually for each cafe.
  • Franchise fee: $4,550.
  • Royalties: 5%.
  • Opening term: 3 months.

Investments required to open a Vkus Detstva cafe franchise

Initial Investment: from $6,500

  • Franchise fee
  • Specialized production equipment
  • Land improvement
  • Project documentation
  • Installation works
  • Interior decoration
  • Procurement of the products
  • Shop equipment
  • Furniture
  • Software and cash register
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Salaries to employees at the opening stage
  • Rent

Payback period: from 25 months
Average turnover per month: from $25,500
Royalties: 5% (royalty holidays for the first 2 months)
Franchise fees: $6,500
Other current payments: none

What does partner support include?

  • Recognizable Vkus Detstva brand
  • Registered trademark
  • A unique concept of Vkus Detstva cafe
  • Brand book and decoration materials for the place interior
  • Recipes and cooking technologies
  • List of recommended suppliers
  • The highest service standards
  • Instructions for opening and managing a cafe
  • Effective marketing and advertising solutions
  • A complete set of tools for operational, marketing and HR activities
  • A business plan compiled individually for each partner
  • Effective quality control and staff training system
  • Recruitment Advice
  • Templates for advertising and promotional materials
  • Connection to the Vkus Detstva cafe loyalty system
  • Consultations and step-by-step instructions for increasing the number of guests

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Vkus Detstva Franchise Business Model

  • Turnover following our recommendations will be $25,500 per month, on average.
  • Average guest bill: $4.50 - $5.50.
  • The number of restaurant visitors per month, on average: 440 people.
  • Payback, on average: 2 years.
Requirements for the vkus detstva franchise buyers
  • Entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in a business in the field of catering.
  • Owners of roadside cafes or restaurants, but wanting to reformat.
  • Novice entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a roadside cafe.
Requirements for a cafe premise
  • The area from 180-200 sq.m.
  • The ability to use the surrounding area for an open-air cafe.
  • Power consumption from 50 kW.
  • Central water supply or well.
  • Sewerage and septic tank.
  • Availability of parking from 10 cars.

Vkus Detstva Franchise Advantages

  1. Automation and control of business processes
    A unique system for effective business. A well-developed complex for starting a business by minimizing all risks.
  2. Own production (factory - kitchen)
    Uniform standards of product quality and special prices.
  3. It is tasty as in childhood
    Our cafes always have fresh and tasty dishes.
  4. Healthy foods
    We offer truly wholesome food with no semi-finished products, preservatives or flavoring agents.
  5. Quality Control
    We personally continuously check the work of cooks and monitor the taste of our dishes. We carefully select suppliers and, therefore, our guests are always satisfied with the quality of food.
  6. Successful business model
    Fully optimized business processes for the successful operation of the cafe worked out on our own experience.
  7. Opening team
    A professional team will prepare your cafe for the opening and meeting of guests in 3 weeks, conduct the necessary staff training.
  8. Marketing
    Placing news about the opening of a partner’s cafe on the company's website and announcing in all social networks. Connection to loyalty programs and "tasty" promotions of Vkus Detstva cafe network.
  9. Partner support
    Consultations and support of partners at the initial stage and throughout the cooperation.
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  • Company type:
  • Year the company was founded in
  • Year of franchise launch
  • Own companies:
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