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Yellow Concept Store Franchise Offers – Cost & Fees

Yellow Concept Store is a shop which sells cosmetics for hair, face and body care. All products which we offer are natural and don't contain sulfates and parabens. We select only quality cosmetics.

According to the last surveys, more than 80 million people in Russia and CIS countries buy cosmetics regularly. Among all the segments in the market, skin care cosmetic is in the highest demand. The main trend is natural and organic cosmetics.

Yellow Concept Store customers choose a healthy and conscious approach to life and thoroughly choose cosmetics. More than 45 brands of natural and organic cosmetics are represented in our store. Our cosmetics works and gives positive results.

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Franchise Offer

We invite our partners from Russia and CIS countries for cooperation. Yellow Concept Store, a multi-brand cosmetic shop is a lucrative business model, a well-known brand trusted by thousands of people for more than 5 years.

Yellow Concept Store franchise information

Support for a Franchisee of Yellow Concept Store, Multi Brand Cosmetic Shop

  1. Team of professionals under the brand name Yellow Concept Store.
  2. Brand Book. Corporate identity of Yellow Concept Store style.
  3. Advice and looking for a store location, estimation of the location for opening a store.
  4. Individual business model for each partner. Calculation of investments, profitability, and payback of the project.
  5. Shop layout design.
  6. Well-established deliveries of over 45 top brands of natural and organic cosmetics with maximum discounts, promotional support, and samples.
  7. Product assortment optimization, assortment matrix.
  8. Training for a franchisee, ready-made recommendations and instructions on hiring and adapting employees and staff motivation.
  9. Net cost, calculation, Cash Flow, Profit, and Loss Report tables. General information on running the business, developing, controlling, increasing profits.
  10. Detailed training system for staff, which includes the information about choosing proper cosmetics for hair, face and body care. A detailed presentation on sales, additional sales, communication with a customer and work with a cashbox.
  11. Well-thought over marketing steps allowing to increase profit with minimum expenses.
  12. Assistance in Instagram promotion. Handy tips, photo and video materials made by our photographers.
  13. Consistent PR support in our social networks.
  14. Brand bags, gift boxes, promo materials of Yellow Concept Store style.

Among the customers of Yellow Concept Store are such famous people as Aliona Shishkova, Ramina Taipova, Aylin Eleuqen, Aziza Aibadulina.

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How much does Yellow Concept Store franchise cost?

Yellow Concept Store has the franchise fee $7,920, with a total initial investment from $57,030

Initial investments: from $57,030

  • Rent and deposit
  • Franchise fee
  • Connection to own online training system of Yellow Concept Store
  • Creating and setting Instagram profile
  • A month advertising
  • CRM system
  • Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Interior work
  • Working capital for inventory

Payback period: 12 months
Average monthly turnover: from $23,770
Royalty: from $1,190
Franchise fee: $7,920
Other current expenses: marketing support $480

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Business Model of Yellow Concept Store Franchise of Multi-brand Cosmetic Store

Business model is calculated for each partner individually, taking into consideration the number of city citizens, shop locations and expected traffic.

Average check: $55
Complex purchase ratio: 2
Average monthly turnover from $31,690
Trading margin: 40%

Rent: $2,220
Payroll fund: $1,590
Expenses for goods (loss, theft): $160
Marketing, advertising: $480
Bank services: $320
Consumables (packaging, check tape, cleaning, etc.): $80
Other expenses: $160
Royalty: $1,590
Taxes: 3% of the turnover
Net profit: $6,340

Advantages of Multi-Brand Cosmetic Yellow Concept Store

  1. Cosmetics is a vital personal care product
    Cosmetics tends to be used up and is always in demand.
  2. “Lipstick effect”
    Scientists believe that during crisis women spend even more on cosmetics being unable to buy luxury things.
  3. Business model
    Efficient business model approved by own experience.
  4. Unique brands
    More than 45 brands from different countries all over the world such as Italy, USA, Korea, Australia, the UK, Russia, Spain, and France are represented in our store. Many of them are quite exclusive and rare; the others specialize in professional cosmetics.
  5. Assortment
    Yellow can help resolve any issue with hair, face or body. We have selected proper assortment and constantly update it. Our partner receives a ready product assortment matrix for successful sales made referring to the analysis of our own sales.
  6. Quality training for employees
    Our partners are granted access to their own Yellow Concept Store training system, which includes a description of each cosmetic product, video presentations, sales trainings.
  7. High level service
    Each of our customers is assisted by a professional consultant in choosing cosmetics depending on the issue which they have.
  8. Instagram promotion
    Instagram account of our store has more than 90 thousand active followers. Our partner receives account for their city, instructions on managing Instagram profile, original photos, and videos made by professional photographers.
  9. Atmosphere
    We create special atmosphere which attracts our customers to come again. We make friends with our customers. We will share the secrets of customer loyalty to us with our partner.
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