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Franchise Network of Beauty Salons Prive7 Express
“Shine like a diamond” is the main principle of the Beauty Network Privé7. Every day we confirm our title of one of the best beauty salons in Russia. The pride of Privé7 salons comes from its new cosmetic devices, which have proven their effectiveness. We only work with the most effective brands in the beauty industry.
Franchise Nutty Scientists - Spectacular Interactive Activities
Nutty Scientists® is the fastest growing children's franchise in the world. It has been ranked as the #1 Children's Enrichment Franchise in the 'Top 100 Franchises' for 2016 by Franchise Gator and Entrepreneur magazine.
Franchise Business Network International
The mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral-marketing program that enables them to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with quality business professionals.
Franchise Questoria – We organize birthdays, corporate and kids parties
Our product is the Questorias. These are the role-play games that the host will hold for the players at their home, office or a cafe on their birthday or other occasion!
Franchise "Russian Ballet" - the International Chain of Choreographic Schools
We offer guidance on starting a business, which includes step-by-step instructions for opening a school, selecting premises and staff, evaluation sheets, and other recommendations to help start a successful business with us.
Franchise of Bakery Chain Lakomka
Open a Lakomka bakery store and, as our franchisee, you will start making money by baking and selling bread, pastries, cakes, and freshly brewed coffee and tea. Your profit depends on a trade margin and customer traffic flow.
Franchise "Cleaning company Chistov Brothers"
Our specialists created their own hiring and training systems which allowed to provide the company with reliable staff in a short time. A simple and user friendly website enables a cleaning order in two clicks. Our CRM is developed "from scratch" and is maximally adapted to a cleaning company.
Franchise of a board game store Mosigra
We have collected the best board games from USA, Europe and our country here. We ensure that you will find the game that will touch you.
Franchise Monsiks Academy - kids center for emotional intelligence
Monsiks Academy is the only educational franchise in Russia and Europe which uses emotional intelligence methods. Franchise can be started in a small room with minimal investments, such as children's centers, schools, libraries or separate rented or own premises.
Franchise Jour - healthy restaurant chain
Partner with the healthy food market leader. Bet on a fast growing industry. Ensure a profitable project. Be trained and driven.
Franchise "Dodo Pizza" - Pizza delivery
Through deep digital reengineering and business transparency, we strive to redefine the pizza delivery experience for customers and operators. With a proven business model and rapidly growing brand, Dodo Pizza is already active in 9 countries, including China and the US. We are looking for like-minded people to join us in creating the most loved pizza chain in the world!
Franchise Shaped Cotton Candy “CandyFloss №1”
The first cotton candy franchise in Europe. All-year demand for a product. Quick return on investment. We manufacture your favorite cotton candy as you are used to from childhood, into shapes such as a fairy animal, a cartoon hero or a flower etc.
Franchise al Mamà Bistrot
Your Italian bistrot with market area and delivery options. The Italian excellence of the products with very affordable prices.
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SFC: Is A Franchise Right For You?
To Franchise Buyers
Becoming a franchisee isn’t buying a job or investing with a guaranteed return! In fact to succeed in franchising you really need three key attributes...
BNI - Why I Choose to ‘Buy in BNI®’
To Franchise Buyers
Whether I’m looking for someone to repair my HVAC, for someone to help my wife and I plan a family trip, or for a videographer to edit a series of videos, I always turn to BNI members first.
Business course by Vasil Gazizulin.
To Franchise Buyers
One of the best franchising specialists in Asia, the founder of Topfranchise Vasil Gazizulin will share with you the secrets of business scaling in modern realities, investments attraction and international franchise network development from any city or country in Asia.

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