Gmoji Master Franchise

Gmoji is a unique and
fast growing Gift Delivery
Services Business

Our technology changes the way people buy and give
presents to each other.
No matter how far your friends or beloved ones are from
you at the moment, you can give a Gift just in one click!

What is Gmoji?

Gmoji is a secure technology enabling quick and easy sending and receiving of ANY product via ANY messenger or social network

p.s. Even a cup of coffee

Each digitized product is given a set of parameters that allow it to be selected, purchased, stored, and received. These parameters include:

  • • unique link
  • • name, icon, picture, description
  • • price and location
  • • instructions on receiving the gift
  • • unique pin, bar-code or QR-codev

Any product can be
turned into a gift
using Gmoji!

How to Make Money
With Gmoji
Master Franchise

  • Commission from every purchase

    All the money goes into the Gmoji LTD account and, after the partner delivers the goods or renders the service, it is transferred to the agent minus the agency fee (which is charged once during a given period).

  • Expired Gmoji

    A individual expiry date can be set on each Gmoji. Past this date, the Gmoji becomes invalid and the funds remain in the Gmoji LTD account.

  • B2B

    Commission from every corporate gift, promo campaign item, loyalty program and of course expired Gmojis that haven't been received. In addition to that, a lot of new free users to Gmoji App.

  • Advertising

    - Running brand promotion on pre-paid terms
    - PUSH-notifications within the user database
    - Revenue from marketing campaigns and collaborations
    - Placing advertisements in Gmoji Business Platform

Our partners are

We will help you establish a partnership between your Gmoji franchise company and international companies we are already working with

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Official launch of Gmoji happened in the middle of 2018 in Russia

Now Gmoji is available in

Only one Master
Franchisee in each country!

Since the beginning of 2019 we have been actively scaling around the world. Now Gmoji is working or is preparing for the launch in 10 countries

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