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Franchising is a unique concept with many constituents. Getting into franchising requires thorough research and a deep understanding of all associated aspects. What is a franchise? How can I choose the right one for myself and buy it? How much money does it require? These are the things that interest entrepreneurs. That’s why put together a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you navigate through this. If you have any questions, just contact us through a request form on our website. We will be happy to answer them!

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Our mission at Topfranchise is to provide the best experience with choosing, buying and launching a franchise. Here are the steps to starting a franchise and becoming your own boss: Browse Through Franchises. We have a list of franchises sorted by region, category and industry to help you navigate through many possibilities and choose the one that suits you the most. Research. On our site, you can find detailed information about any franchise. Be free to look through various options and compare them in order to find the best possible opportunity for you. Start Your Own Business. If you’ve found the perfect opportunity, then it's time to contact our team and find out how you can buy a franchise right now. We will help you sort out all aspects and consider financing options

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If your budget is limited, but you want to start your own business right away, then it’s time to look at low-priced franchises. By buying an inexpensive franchise you save plenty of money while getting the invaluable knowledge, experience and assistance from the franchisor. Budget-friendly franchises give you a chance at running a profitable and prosperous business. Topfranchise has a vast range of possibilities waiting to be explored. Check out our selection of low-priced franchises and find the one that suits you the most!


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For more than 5 years our team have been helping the people willing to start their own franchise business to find the best deal. We offer more than 700 top franchises located in more than 70 countries all over the world.

How does help with your franchise search? offers a wide range of franchise opportunities in any industry of your choice. We present franchises in any area of business, including production and sales, services, stores, food, delivery, children's education, cleaning, medicine and many others. Our website provides convenient search tools that will help you find all the information about available franchises. presents franchise profiles that contain details about potential opportunities, investment and candidate requirements, and brand owners’ and representative contacts, so you have an ability to start a dialogue and ask questions of interest to help you choose the right franchise.

We’ve made it easier for franchisees to find the most suitable franchises for them. Browse through our selection of categories, and it will allow you to pick from businesses within various ranges of investment options. We regularly update all offers and add new franchises to our catalog. In addition, there are a lot of interesting articles published on our page regularly.

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Get the buyers for your franchise from all over the world! All the audience of our portal are promising franchisees from more than 100 countries and the number of them is constantly growing. Our mission is to promote profitable business models around the world by providing the most recent information to potential franchisees. Hurry up and place your franchise among the industry leaders on advantageous terms. Show the world your successful business!