9ROUND franchise
9ROUND - kickbox fitness centers franchise Investment on demand
Planet Fitness franchise
Planet Fitness - gym franchise Investment from $969,600
Gold's Gym franchise
Gold's Gym - gym franchise Investment from $2,218,250
Snap Fitness franchise
Snap Fitness - 24/7 gym franchise Investment from $148,771
The Little Gym franchise
The Little Gym - gym franchise Investment from $181,450
Anytime Fitness franchise
Anytime Fitness - gym franchise Investment from $107,524
Romp n' Roll franchise
Romp n' Roll - Recreational & Enrichment Franchise Investment from $241,000
CKO Kickboxing franchise
CKO Kickboxing - Kickboxing Fitness Classes Franchise Investment from $112,997
Kinderdance Int'l. Inc. franchise
Kinderdance Int'l. Inc. - Children's dance, gymnastics, fitness & yoga Franchise Investment from $17,950
TGA Premier Youth Tennis franchise
TGA Premier Youth Tennis - Tennis Franchise Investment from $21,450
Pure Barre franchise
Pure Barre - Fitness Studio Franchise Investment from $178,350
VLCC franchise
VLCC - Wellness Franchise Investment from $42,000
Workout Anytime 24/7 franchise
Workout Anytime 24/7 - Gym Franchise Investment from $555,500
The Barre Code franchise
The Barre Code - Gym Franchise Investment from $222,500
F45 Training franchise
F45 Training - Fitness Studios Franchise Investment from $220,000
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Sports & Personal Care Franchises For Sale

Sport has always been a mainstream. Therefore, sports franchises take a significant part of franchising, even though they are not so cheap to start. To open a gym, fitness center, or even football school for kids costs much as it requires money for rent, expensive equipment, personal care stuff, etc. However, it is quite easier to start professional sports business with a franchise instead of doing it on your own. Because the franchise business offers you experience in all the processes related to owning the business, starting from the requirements for the gym and equipment, trainings on working with customers and ending with marketing and staff management.
Buying one of sport franchises, you invest in health of people which is a good contribution to the common good which will always bring you a profit regardless the season of the year and the city it is in. Best sports franchises provide good opportunities to grow your business by building new locations in your city.
Check out the list of sport franchises here and choose the idea which you like most, mind the benefits the franchise offers to withstand the competition on the market, pay attention not only to the amount of initial investments but what they include. Hope you will make the right choice!