RedLine Athletics franchise
RedLine Athletics - Training Franchise Investment from $218,275
Chillrx Cryotherapy franchise
Chillrx Cryotherapy - Cryotherapy Salon Franchise Investment from $162,300
Bodystreet franchise
Bodystreet - EMS Training Franchise Investment from $25,407
Body Fit Training franchise
Body Fit Training - Fitness Classes Franchise Investment on demand
VLCC franchise
VLCC - Wellness Franchise Investment from $42,000
ApexNetwork franchise
ApexNetwork - Physical Therapy Franchise Investment from $128,150
CKO Kickboxing franchise
CKO Kickboxing - Kickboxing Fitness Classes Franchise Investment from $112,997
The Camp Transformation Center franchise
The Camp Transformation Center - Fitness & weight-loss Franchise Investment from $112,997
Title Boxing Club franchise
Title Boxing Club - boxing & kickboxing fitness classes Franchise Investment from $162,808
F45 Training franchise
F45 Training - Fitness Studios Franchise Investment from $220,000
iLoveKickboxing franchise
iLoveKickboxing - Kickboxing Fitness Classes Franchise Investment from $214,944
Medi-Weightloss franchise
Medi-Weightloss - Weight Loss Clinic Franchise Investment from $215,250
DJ Got Me Fit franchise
DJ Got Me Fit - Fitness Classes Franchise Investment from $183,700
Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise
Mayweather Boxing + Fitness - Fitness Classes Franchise Investment from $199,850
fit20 franchise
fit20 - Fitness Classes Franchise Investment on demand
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Weight Loss Franchises For Sale

The weight loss industry has exceeded $60 billion annual revenue since 2014 and propouses a great commercial opportunities for weight loss franchises. Weight loss franchise businesses have proven business models and there is a significant part of the population, that sooner or later may become interested in the possibilities of such franchises. It is important to consider last trends - consumer focus is changing away from deprivation dieting and calorie counting to a more holistic, healthy lifestyle all the time. Instead of saying, “I’ve got to lose this extra weight right now,” people are saying “I’ve got to live a healthier life”. And weight loss franchises are propousing a great proven complex solutions for that. Hope that our directory of Weight Loss Franchises for sale can help you make an important and succesful decision.