Southern Fried Chicken franchise
Southern Fried Chicken - restaurant franchise Investment from $65,000
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchise
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) - restaurant franchise Investment from $1,442,550
Carl's Jr. franchise
Carl's Jr. - restaurants franchise Investment from $1,375,000
Dairy Queen franchise
Dairy Queen - fast food restaurant franchise Investment from $1,083,525
Taco Bell franchise
Taco Bell - restaurant franchise Investment from $525,100
SUBWAY franchise
SUBWAY - restaurant franchise Investment from $147,050
Pizza Hut franchise
Pizza Hut - restaurant franchise Investment from $302,000
McDonald's  franchise
McDonald's - restaurant franchise Investment from $1,058,000
Quiznos franchise
Quiznos - sandwich restaurant franchise Investment from $202,448
Arby's franchise
Arby's - sandwich shop franchise Investment from $314,550
Denny's franchise
Denny's - restaurant franchise Investment from $228,000
Hooters franchise
Hooters - restaurant franchise Investment from $956,500
Hardee's franchise
Hardee's - restaurants franchise Investment from $1,530,000
Papa John's Pizza franchise
Papa John's Pizza - restaurants franchise Investment from $130,120
Kona Ice franchise
Kona Ice - shaved ice truck franchise Investment from $124,750
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Fast Food Franchises For Sale

Fast food franchises provide favourable conditions for own business; they are absolutely various so that every entrepreneur can find their niche. There are never too many of fast food restaurants as they have been a mainstream since they appeared. People visit the restaurants as they serve tasty quality food for good prices and, which is the most important, very fast.
The best fast food franchises have become very popular worldwide and grown to 20,000 locations. Such fast food franchises are not the cheapest to open but they are easily recognized by the customers who are loyal to them, so don't require high costs for promotion. However, there are good low cost fast food franchises on our list which are not so famous but with an interesting concept like cafes which offer on-the-go snackings, for example. Such fast food franchise ideas do not require high expenses for rent and equipment, though provide great fast food franchise opportunities for a start.
If you feel interested in owning such a business, here are some tips on how to open a fast food franchise; browse carefully our fast food franchises for sale, choose the idea which you like, see if the values the franchisor shares are close to yours , check if you have enough funds to invest into the business and click on request free info to ask for details.