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Thanks to Slonvish's accessories and jewelry franchise has been able to sell its franchise to Dubai and Saudi Arabia. During the summer of 2022. Our Congratulations to founders and team!

Slonvish Team


We’ve started our franchise international expansion by extensive and expensive offline exhibiting. Soon after we found, that TopFranchise, being picked in rough rivalry with other franchise platforms (literally, tried almost all of TOPs), gives us better results at lower costs. Better in terms of everything like lead pipeline, geography, quality etc.

After five years, turning eyes around, we found that 80%+ of our international partners chain brought by TopFranchise.Com.

Sergey Raudsepp
Verbatoria Talents-by-Brainwaves


My name is Jigar Doriwala. I am the founder and CEO of Tenacious Techies. Our company provides complete digital solutions.

A few years ago we decided to start the global expansion, so we started looking for ways how to find our new franchisees. Last year we noticed the marketplace.

Since the time we got listed here, our Franchise pitch has been visited by thousands of people, and a couple of hundreds had left their requests. I would like to share a success story. We received the lead from It was a potential franchisee from the USA, who was interested in becoming a part of our company. Today he operates as our Franchisee in Grove town, USA. 

At we have a manager, who keeps track of our success. 
If something goes wrong, we can be sure to receive advice. For the extra advertisement, we used newsletters and banners, which helped to attract more potential franchisees.


We found the in the Internet. And we contacted them immediately. After we talked to staff we were impressed how they work and plan to promote our brand. Then we decide to work together with Topfranchise.
After all the preparations and settings, the result came up very soon. Customers do not hesitate to contact us , and we find them reliable. It is wonderful work for


We are franchiser from Thailand and want to expand branch globally. But we don’t have much knowledge how to expand. We tried to search on the internet and we found We decided to call them to consult with their team. And we got the way to work.

Topfranchise is so helpful. They help us to find customer from different countries. After we discussed with customers the possible cooperation, we realized that customers from have a great  potential and strong financials that can help to improve our brand.


I have been successfully franchising PunctureSafe for 5 years on UK based franchise
websites, both in the UK and overseas, but in September 2019 I decided to advertise
with TopFranchise which is a website that gets exposure internationally.
In the time I have been with them I have had a good response, with leads coming in
from every corner of the world and from countries you would not expect to get

I decided in April this year to increase my budget to get more leads from overseas
and explored other websites with an international exposure, but eventually I
decided to spend my money with TopFranchise because of the quality of the service
they provide. I invested in newsletters and banner listings with them which
provided even more leads.

To date the investment I made with TopFranchise has been repaid with lead convertions.


Our company is very satisfied with cooperation with do receive many leads from potential franchises. At the moment our target country is Georgia,where we have already opened 2 gourmet market franchises, with people who found us on We have big plans about expansion in other countries, which is possible with the team, who is working at Topfranchise.


The new country has become the 21st on the company map. There are 197 states on Earth in total, according to international classification. Already 10% of the planet is covered by our presence... If you are considering buying a franchise, do not waste time. Don't miss this great chance to launch your own successful business!

An island in the Caribbean, an unincorporated organized territory of the United States, famous for its mountains, waterfalls and El Yunque rainforest... flag connoisseurs have already figured it out from the cover of the post, but we decided to hide a riddle for the rest. What country are we talking about?

Puerto Rico! Precisely so: ‘the land where I was born, a magical blooming garden, covered with a clear sky, with waves at the foot’ (our vague translation of the national anthem). This is where the Virtual Encyclopedia franchise is now available.

For the second time in the history of Altairika, a franchisee buys the rights to work in the whole country at once. And now our products are available to all 3 million inhabitants of Puerto Rico. The first such example was Uzbekistan; our partner started with a standard franchise for one subregion and very quickly realized the prospects for VR films and demand they generate. is the best online platform to find a master franchisee. During Covid times many investors search for a home based business online.

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