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Felix de Wit

Master franchisee of the world leader in real estate sales RE / MAX in Germany.

Jigar Doriwala

CEO of Tenacious from India

ABOUT THE COMPANY is indexed in 150 countries and has a monthly traffic of 170,000 people. We see the greatest response based applications from the countries: USA, India, Great Britain, Kenya, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Canada.

Franchise Development is our area of expertise. Whether you are developing a brand new franchise, reworking an existing one, or converting company-owned operations.


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About franchise development

Franchise Development includes designing a strategy for expansion, legal documents, operations manuals and marketing materials. These documents are created by a team assigned to your program that works closely with your company and staff to create materials that meet your expectations and deliver franchise sales.

Topfranchise introduces franchises to international markets. We have built a team of international specialists who will help you present your franchise and hold meetings with customers.

Our clients range from emerging brands, just starting out in franchising, to young franchise brands, to larger more established franchise brands that are looking for a fresh approach to add to their development efforts and process.


Our company is an official partner of major franchised international exhibitions

Grow your business
Franchising is an excellent solution for your business growth. It helps business owners to widen the recognition of their brand, make their company more lucrative, attract numerous customers, and build a solid network that works perfectly. Here, at, we offer a rich variety of franchise development services, including:
  1. Developing a franchise model for your business
  2. Promotion of franchise packages
  3. Attracting potential franchisees to your brand
  4. Assistance with navigating the processing of all documents needed for the franchise development
  5. Full legal support
Our goals are to guide and assist you in developing your own business, explain all aspects of the franchising system, and reach target buyers for the franchise. If you want to increase and grow your business via franchising, there are numerous elements and aspects to consider. It is important to approach the matter carefully and professionally. Our team has years of experience, and we have successfully provided assistance to thousands of business owners in launching their franchises. Our clients trust us with their franchise needs.
What's Included in a Franchise Development Plan?
A good franchise development plan is a highly detailed feasibility study including, but not limited to the following:
  • 01

    An analysis of the competitive environment in your industry sector, but also looking at the franchise sector as a whole. This should also show the growth potential in both

  • 02

    Details as to what the potential customer demand is for your franchise services

  • 03

    A list of differentiators your business model offers over others

  • 04

    A comprehensive financial forecasting model of initial and long-term investment and infrastructure requirements

  • 05

    The development and packaging of your overall franchise model that is both viable to all parties, and can be used to attract potential franchisees as well as help you meet your franchising objectives

  • 06

    Projections to show budgetary requirements for franchise development, franchisee recruitment, operations, support, staffing requirements and legal and other professional services

International Franchising expert
Felix de Wit. Master franchisee of the world leader in real estate sales RE / MAX in Germany. Has sold over 150 franchises in Germany and Belgium. There are 7,000 franchisees in the network worldwide.
  • He began his career as an officer in the Dutch army and served for 18 years.
  • He retired in 1998 and bought the RE / MAX Master Franchise for Germany. Sold over 150 franchises in the country!
  • Has been co-owner of RE / MAX - Master in northern Germany and Belgium for several years.
  • When I sold my company in 2008, I decided to work as a Senior Franchise Specialist, helping international franchisors fulfill their dreams by expanding the franchise presence in Europe.
  • In free time, you can find me on the golf course. I like golf, I play once a week 18 holes.
We organize European market launch
For many companies franchising can be the most efficient and economical means of expansion.
  • Development of a Franchising package for Europe includes
    • Master Franchise Agreement
    • Unit Franchise Agreement
    • Master and Unit Franchise Agreement
    • Franchise Operations Manual
    *approximate cost of services, the final cost will be settled after consultation with our specialist
  • Development Services for New Franchisors:
    • Consultation
    • Franchise your Business Seminars and Webinars
    • Strategic Planning & Business Plan Development
    • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
    • Franchise Document Drafting Services
    • Operations Consulting and Manual development
    • Franchise Sales DVDs
    • Training DVDs
    • Franchise Sales Training
    • Franchise Management Training
    • Implementation Consulting
    • General Consulting
  • Development Services for Existing Franchisors:
    • Legal Document Revision
    • Registration Updates & Renewal
    • Operations Manuals Drafting, Review and Revision Services
    • Franchise Sales Training
    • Franchise Management Training
    • Training DVDs
    • Sales DVDs
    • Franchise Program Review
    • Sales Strategy Critique & Training
    • Special Projects
    • Expert Witness
    • General Consulting
7 Questions to ask before you spend any money
  • Can franchising help achieve my short and long term goals?

  • Do I believe my business model is easily duplicated?

  • Can I provide leadership, training, systems, marketing expertise, territory and location help and all the other tools to help franchisees grow their own successful business following my system?

  • Does my business provide benefits and differentiation and rewards to attract potential franchisees?

  • Can I create a culture of collaboration with my franchisees, who, in this modern world of business, must be treated like ‘partners’ in your business?

  • Are you happy with the legal responsibilities and your accountability as a franchisor?

  • Will I be able to ensure I invest the necessary amount of money, time and resources to properly develop a successful franchise system?

Key considerations before you decide to franchise your business…
  • What are your goals and will franchising help?
    If your goal is to expand your business, gain more brand awareness and make more money, franchise development is the right move for you. Franchising allows business owners to accelerate business growth, attract more customers, and enter new markets.
  • Franchising is a whole other business to your own
    Franchising is a business model that requires a deep understanding of all its aspects and processes. Business owners must be prepared to learn all the ins and outs of this business relationship to manage it properly. Topfranchise helps with franchise development and will help navigate it.
  • Can your business model be easily duplicated?
    You may think your type of business will work almost anywhere and fit anyone? It’s time for a second opinion from specialists in your business sector to ensure that there will be enough interest in your concept to build a strong network of franchisees.
  • Can you ensure your franchisees will be successful?
    There are several ways to ensure that franchisees will achieve success. Franchisors need to provide training, support, and assistance with any problems or questions that may occur, so potential partners will be ready to handle all business processes and successfully develop the franchise.