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Topfranchise.com is indexed in 100 countries and has a monthly traffic of 120,000 people. We see the greatest response based applications from the countries: USA, Pakistan, Great Britain, Kenya, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India.

Franchise Development is our area of expertise. Whether you are developing a brand new franchise, reworking an existing one, or converting company-owned operations.

Franchise Development includes designing a strategy for expansion, legal documents, operations manuals and marketing materials. These documents are created by a team assigned to your program that works closely with your company and staff to create materials that meet your expectations and deliver franchise sales.

Topfranchise introduces franchises to international markets. We have built a team of international specialists who will help you present your franchise and hold meetings with customers.

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10 reasons

To order the development of a franchise from TopFranchise


We have assembled a team of the best international experts in the field of franchising.

Real experience

Experience in franchising for over 12 years. Real management for the chain of 370 stores in Russia (5 abroad) and 150 partners. We do know what real franchising is in Russia and in the world and do know this not from the Internet.


We have an impeccable reputation in the franchising market, we are proud of it, proud of our team and our range of partners! Honesty If your business is not suitable for franchising, we will definitely tell you about it and will not fool you around with stories.


If your business is not suitable for franchising, we will definitely tell you about it and will not "hang on our ears".


Adequate financial conditions that small companies can also afford. And large companies will be pleasantly surprised by the combination of price / quality.

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Bolshakov Victor
Founder and CEO of TopFranchise.com

10 reasons

To order the development of a franchise from TopFranchise


We work with full immersion in your project. We know the needs of both small companies and large corporations.


The main reason why you need to work with us is that after our work, there will definitely be applications for your franchise and there will be sales.


A rather large and serious business community has been formed around us: investors, bankers, restaurateurs, programmers, designers. All of them will be available for you.

Fast market launch

Every day, our TopFranchise.com portal is visited by about 4,300 entrepreneurs looking for a franchise. They will quickly see, evaluate and buy your franchise!


We know how to turn a franchise business into a business with millions of dollars in revenue.

Vasil Gazizulin
Founder and CEO of TopFranchise.com

Our clients

Our partners

We are chosen by large corporations, through numerous filters of tenders and negotiations, thanks to our adequacy and professionalism.
We cooperate with large international companies. Our partnership is mutually beneficial, and we are ready to recommend and introduce our partners and clients within our partner network:

International franchising expert

Felix de Witt. Master franchisee of the world leader in real estate sales RE / MAX in Germany. Has sold over 150 franchises in Germany and Belgium. There are 7,000 franchisees in the network worldwide.

  • He began his career as an officer in the Dutch army and served for 18 years.
  • He retired in 1998 and bought the RE / MAX Master Franchise for Germany. Sold over 150 franchises in the country!
  • Has been co-owner of RE / MAX - Master in northern Germany and Belgium for several years.
  • When I sold my company in 2008, I decided to work as a Senior Franchise Specialist, helping international franchisors fulfill their dreams by expanding the franchise presence in Europe.
  • During past years I have worked with several Russian franchisees.
  • In free time, you can find me on the golf course. I like golf, I play once a week 18 holes.

We organize European market launch

Development of a franchising package for Europe includes

Master Franchise Agreement: € 6.600, 4 weeks

Unit Franchise Agreement: € 6.600, 4 weeks

Master and Unit Franchise Agreement: € 9.900, 4 weeks

Franchise Operations Manual: € 10.900, 4-6 weeks

* approximate cost of services, the final cost will be settled after consultation with our specialist

Development Services for New Franchisors:

  • Consultation
  • Franchise your Business Seminars and Webinars
  • Strategic Planning & Business Plan Development
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Franchise Document Drafting Services
  • Operations Consulting and Manual development
  • Franchise Sales DVDs
  • Training DVDs
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Franchise Management Training
  • Implementation Consulting
  • General Consulting

Development Services for Existing Franchisors:

  • Legal Document Revision
  • Registration Updates & Renewal
  • Operations Manuals Drafting, Review and Revision Services
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Franchise Management Training
  • Training DVDs
  • Sales DVDs
  • Franchise Program Review
  • Sales Strategy Critique & Training
  • Special Projects
  • Expert Witness
  • General Consulting

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Vasil Gazizulin
Founder and Project Manager TopFranchise