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About franchising

Our franchise development program for your business will help:

Attract investment to aid the development of your network
Create your own sales market
Take up a free business niche as fast as possible
Make your business a notable federal and international company

In starting and developing your franchise, our team will provide you with a successfully replicating business. We offer the widest range of services for turnkey packaging a franchise, promoting it effectively, and identifying potential franchisees.

Franchise Company Success Stories:
Papa John's


To become a leader in the restaurant, fast food and pizza delivery industry.

Solution - Start a franchise!

1984: Year of company inception

1986: Year of starting franchise

2018: More than 5000 restaurants and cafes established worldwide, 4000 of which belong to franchisees



To increase the distribution network of a new line of devices aimed at sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Solution - Franchising the business.

Outcome: Official trading platforms of the legendary American brand established in Europe, working in compliance with all brand traditions. The network is being rapidly developed in cooperation with franchise partners.

2 G’s


To capture local markets quickly.

Solution - Transform a business model into a franchised operation!

1995: Year of company inception.

2009: Year franchise model launched.

May, 2011: Franchise extended abroad (Venice, Padua)

2015: Penetration of franchise model covering 90% of Russian cities. Active development in CIS and further abroad



Avoiding large retailers who take all markups. Launching own sales network.

Solution - development and launching a franchise!

2006 - Two own shops

2007 – 100 own shops

2013 – 370 own shops (including the ones in the USA, Hong Kong, Serbia)

Demand for Franchising:
On average 300,000
people, every day, are
looking on the Internet for
a suitable franchise to buy into
Receiving 200 application
requests, and
opening 20 franchising
companies per month, is very real
In 2007 ‘Expedition’
launched 120 franchised
You will succeed too!
It took ‘Garmin’ three
years to launch a franchise.
Now it is the most rapidly
developing network in its category
42,000 franchised
restaurants, and one company
owned restaurant, belong to Subway,
the biggest franchise in the world
We Offer:

To package your business into a workable franchise operation -

Setting up the franchise itself, the network development strategy with full consultation.

Assistance in franchise development -

Franchises launched with us are successfully developing in markets as diverse and widespread as the USA, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle Eastern.

Quick market entry -

Instant start of sales when the franchise is launched in the catalog.

The best franchising marketplace -

Selling your franchise worldwide; expanding your business into international franchising markets.
Felix De Wit
Felix De WitExpert in franchise development
If you require advice or a free consultation, simply let us know!

We will contact you very quickly, and with no obligation! You can contact me directly on my phone: (from 9:00 to 20:00 in Moscow) or email!

Franchise Development Stages

Choose the stage for your franchise!
Quick start!
  • We start selling your franchise
    three days after we begin working on it!
  • The program is the basis for franchising development. And a real test of your business for ‘franchise-ability’
  • You receive a full report of our findings and recommendations,
    usually in 10-20 days.
  • Franchising Offer
From 3,500 USD

This offer is not for US market

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Still have
Maria Novikova
Expert, Head of Development Department
Tel.: +7 965 275 60 60
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  • This stage will be of more use to those businessmen who already understand their business is in demand in the franchise market and have had permanent flow of requests from potential franchisees!
  • Our representative will arrive in your city to collect data! Contracts package
From 13,500 USD

This offer is not for US market

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Active Sales
  • We will sell at least one franchise
    a month!
  • Free first consultation!
  • Making a plan for application requests and sales, budgeting
  • Building and training the sales department team
  • Including in the catalog
By agreement
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Around the world!
  • Selling your master franchise worldwide!
  • The program is for businessmen who are confident of their success in the global market. We attract highly skilled specialists for the development of those franchise companies who choose to work with us.
  • What you receive:
  • Franchise offer in English and other languages
  • Trade and economic justification for the franchising activity of your company in the Global Market
From 5,000 USD

This offer is not for US market

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Still have
Vasil Gazizulin
Founder and Head of company
Tel.: +7 968 643 07 79
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Team and Experience

There are many companies in the market today offering franchise development and even selling services. Unlike most of them, by working with franchise partners for eight years, we have experienced all the successes and failures of franchised businesses ourselves.

In developing turnkey franchise businesses, we follow benchmark best practices used by the Top 500 European and American franchises!

Thinking about a turnkey franchise business? have experienced specialists who will help you develop a profitable franchise based on your operating business.

Franchise Development with TopFranchise

Our team consists of many specialists including marketers, designers, lawyers, and methodologists, who have developed franchise and juridical packages for such companies as Garmin, Expedition, Sun School, Speakus, Flash logistic, Nature house, Print Bar, Bitcoin Blockchain, Caleo, Russ Rolls, Gvido Gelato, Prive 7, Oko Lashes, and Booking cat.

упаковка действующего бизнеса во франшизу

How to set up a Franchise

You call or email us.
We conduct negotiations either
face-to-face or on Skype.
We decide, together, what turnkey
franchise package you require.
Eliminate unnecessary, and add necessary,
options, and figure out the final costs
for developing the franchise from scratch.
Sign a contract and start
working on setting up and
packaging the franchise.