Ormado Kaffeehaus franchise
Ormado Kaffeehaus - Coffee Shop Franchise Investment on demand
LANZHOU franchise
LANZHOU - Fast Food Restaurant Franchise Investment from $100,000
Barash franchise
Barash - franchise of shawarma and grilled meat Investment from $30,000
Mikel Coffee Company franchise
Mikel Coffee Company - Cafe Franchise Investment on demand
Tucano Coffee franchise
Tucano Coffee - Coffee Shop Franchise Investment from $96,000
Dunn Brothers Coffee franchise
Dunn Brothers Coffee - coffeehouse franchise Investment from $406,300
Pinkberry franchise
Pinkberry - Frozen Yogurt Franchise Investment from $310,442
Red Lobster franchise
Red Lobster - Seafood Restaurant Franchise Investment from $9,500
McDonald's  franchise
McDonald's - restaurant franchise Investment from $464,500
Wingstop franchise
Wingstop - restaurant franchise Investment from $346,775
Coffee Nefer franchise
Coffee Nefer - Coffee House Franchise Investment from $12,200
Sonic Drive-In franchise
Sonic Drive-In - restaurant franchise Investment from $865,000
HEALTHY-5 franchise
HEALTHY-5 - Australian Super Manuka Honey Franchise Investment from $80,000
GREEN BAR franchise
GREEN BAR - Autonomous City Farms Franchise Investment from $8,168
MOMIZU HOUSE franchise
MOMIZU HOUSE - MOMIZU HOUSE Franchise For Sale – Bakery and Beverages Investment from $66,000
YOLE franchise
YOLE - Ice Cream and Frozen Yoghurt Stores Franchise Investment from $120,000
Sushi-Market franchise
Sushi-Market - Japanese Food Franchise Investment from $40,000
Boston's Pizza franchise
Boston's Pizza - Restaurant & Sports Bar Franchise Investment from $1,800,000
Golden Corral franchise
Golden Corral - buffet restaurant franchise Investment from $2,168,419
Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers franchise
Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers - restaurant franchise Investment from $577,968
Cinnabon franchise
Cinnabon - bakery franchise Investment from $30,000
Smoothie King franchise
Smoothie King - smoothie and juice bar franchise Investment from $269,550
Firehouse Subs franchise
Firehouse Subs - restaurant franchise Investment from $92,255
Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise
Tropical Smoothie Cafe - restaurant franchise Investment from $222,095

Food Franchises For Sale

Nowadays food franchises are occupying a leading place in popularity at this stage of franchising development. Considering the whole complex of business factors food franchise opportunities can be qualifyed as the most stable direction of business for investment. The time saving factor has made the fast foods an integral part of our life - and the majority of them are fast food franchises. Fast food franchises are undoubtedly one of the most attractive business opportunities to own. Restaurant franchises, franchises of pizzerias and bars, franchises of juices and smoothies, chicken and coffee franchises we can find in the most popular franchise lists - among the cheapest franchises, among the most profitable and among the fastest growing franchises. Nowadays are intensively developing the direction of healthy food franchises, and within this segment we can highlight such an interesting area as a healthy fast food franchises. Browse our directory of Food Franchise opportunities and find a business of your dream.

Trends and Facts

No matter the time and economic situation people always want to eat. Food demand is expected to increase between 59% to 98% by 2050 according to Harvard Business Review Magazine. It means that food segment is probably the most stable direction of business for investment. Referring to 2020 Top Global Franchises ranking the first six places are won by food franchises which suggests that franchising works really well within food industry.

Food franchises offer a lot of formats, concepts, products and services. Let`s have a look at the most trendy food franchise segments:

Full Service Restaurant Franchises

Restaurant franchise is a traditional yet always trendy business concept. The food is served by waiters at tables or booths, the menu includes a lot of meals, the atmosphere of the place is also important. Full service food franchises mostly focus on sit-down services which can be characterized as "family-style" or "formal".

Fast Food Franchises

Fast food franchises, also known as quick service restaurants, specialize in fast meals. They have limited menu but provide speed of service and convenience for their visitors. Fast food franchises offer takeaway, drive-thru and home delivery rather than on-site seating.

Coffee Franchises

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, therefore coffee chains take up a huge part of all food franchises. Coffee shops can be small businesses which don't require prior experience to start and come for lower cost than other food franchises. However, the business can be diversified by backed products, desserts or sandwiches.

Pizza Franchises

Pizza franchises are in the boom of their popularity today. The selling point of the business is pizza, a dish which is loved by millions and has no analogies on the market. The main benefit that the business has over other food franchises is a well-established delivery service which was really handy during the time of lockdown.

Ice-cream and Yogurt Franchises

According to International Franchise Association ice-cream and yogurt franchises are starting to heat up. The segment is diverse in terms of formats, products and services. One can buy either a smaller ice-cream & yogurt truck, kiosk, parlor franchise or a bigger cafe, shop franchise. Besides, ice-cream business can be incorporated with entertainment which will bring more revenue. A franchise owner can also make more profit by serving ice-cream with coffee or fast food.

Bakery & Donut Franchises

Bakery franchise business is constantly in demand. The segment offers several concepts. There are franchises that produce and sell their products, and the ones which offer only retail or cafe concept. Donut franchise is the latest trend loved by young people which has already occupied a substantial part of overall food franchise market.

Juice and Smoothie Franchises

Healthy lifestyle is the hottest trend which made people drink juices and smoothies rather than junk beverages. Compared to other food franchises, juice and smoothie businesses are generally low risk as well as smaller and cheaper concepts. However, one can have more profit from juice franchise by diversifying the product range with baked goods or fast food.

Healthy Food Franchises

Today people eat more consciously, and prefer clean, fresh and useful food to junk food. This way, healthy food franchises are becoming the hottest trend within the industry. Such businesses can be either a small low cost concept, like salad bar, or a big franchise restaurant with a diverse menu.

Chicken Franchises

Chicken franchises have always been popular worldwide as chicken is eaten by people of different cultures, what we cannot say about pork or beef. Chicken wings and legs are good to eat on the go, which made them quite popular fast food. Such type of franchise is affordable even for entrepreneurs with small budget. They can start with a mall food court, which doesn't cost much, and grow to a restaurant of a world-known fried chicken franchise.

Retail Food Franchises

Convenience stores as well as supermarkets are traditional types of food franchises which never lose their popularity. In order to attract more visitors, they also offer fast food, backed goods, salads, ready meals of their own production. The best retail food franchise offers good delivery services, online ordering, applications for interacting with customers, loyalty programs.

Burger and Sandwich Franchises

Loved by young people burger and sandwiches franchises are also attracting new franchisees. The segment offers cheap yet scalable concepts. Burger bar franchises or sandwich restaurant franchises also sell related products or services which can bring extra profit.

Food Franchise transformation

Coronavirus pandemic forced serious changes within food franchise industry. Delivery and online ordering services became of critical importance. Although there are food franchises like Jimmy John’s that offer their own delivery since 1983, many chains appeared not to be ready for such rapid changes. Today most food franchise businesses are using third-party delivery services. Some of chains are improving their own delivery and food ordering systems. For example, such famous food franchise as Domino Pizza allows ordering by just tweeting an emoji of the product or by Facebook bot. Pizza Hut franchise together with Accenture and Visa created an in-car pizza ordering system. Papa John’s franchise presents Apple TV app for showing their menu and interacting with their customers.

Opening and operating cost & fees

In order to start a food franchise an entrepreneur needs to have enough funds to pay the franchise fee, advertising, marketing, for rent, salary, a grand opening. The price for franchise also depends on its format. There are cheaper food franchises like trucks, parlors, kiosks, convenience stores which don't require their own premises and can be located in malls or gas stations. Bigger franchises which need separate building to operate like restaurants are more expensive to run.

A reliable franchise offers estimates of expenses to their applicants. But a promising franchise owner should be aware that it is hard to predict all costs, and be ready to have a bit more funds to start their own business.