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Foot Solutions - Footwear Franchise Investment from $196,500
Clothes Mentor - Store Franchise Investment from $173,000
Zara - Clothing Store Franchise Investment from $80,000
Monkee's - Monkee’s Franchise Investment from $200,550

Clothing & Footwear Franchises For Sale

Clothing & Footwear Franchises businesses are very popular among entrepreneurs because of a wide range of opportunities and benefits: business simplicity, brand awareness, IT-support, advertising and marketing assistance, bookkeeping assistance. Obviously, the main key factors of such franchises profitability are location and marketing. One of the major trends affecting the retail apparel franchises is the increase in people who like shopping for clothing or shoes on the Internet from the comfort of their home rather than shopping at a traditional store or shop. And of course you have to consider that the clothes and shoe store franchise is a very seasonal business, with a majority of sales coming during the holidays and when kids are headed back to school. We hope that our directory of Clothing & Footwear Franchises for sale can help you make an important and succesful decision.