Choupette - kids clothing shop franchise Investment from $100,000
Bustclub - Franchise of the Lingerie Styling Salon by Lidia Khuliganovna Investment from $83,000
Used products - specialists in the purchase and sale of sustainable second-hand products franchise Investment on demand
Apricot Lane - Clothing Store Franchise Investment from $132,550
Foot Solutions - Footwear Franchise Investment from $196,500
Clothes Mentor - Store Franchise Investment from $173,000
Clothes Bin - Textile Recycling Franchise Investment from $156,100
Fleet Feet Sports - running store franchise Investment from $187,000
Kid To Kid - clothing retail franchise Investment from $280,942
Plato's Closet - teen apparel franchise Investment from $255,000
Style Encore - Gently Used Women's Apparel Store Franchise Investment from $264,200
Mainstream Boutique - Women's Clothing Franchise Investment from $140,175
Big Frog - Custom Printed T-Shirt & Apparel Franchise Investment from $114,501
Uptown Cheapskate - Resale Clothing Store Franchise Investment from $301,579
Pro Image Sports - sports apparel franchise Investment from $155,500
Good Feet Worldwide - Health Footwear Store Franchise Investment from $123,770
Destination Athlete - Sports Equipment Store Franchise Investment from $31,300
Play It Again Sports - New & Used Sporting Goods Store Franchise Investment from $251,300
Variety Fashion Boutique - women's wear franchise Investment from $700
Just-A-Buck - retail store franchise Investment from $140,000
The Athlete's Foot - footwear franchise Investment from $209,950
Dollar Store Services - retail store franchise Investment from $76,900
Zara - Clothing Store Franchise Investment from $80,000
Orenburgsky Downy Shawl - downy products shop franchise Investment from $11,000
Flamingos - Vintage Pound Franchise Investment from $40,000
PrintBar - clothing production with custom design master franchise Investment from $168,000
Monkee's - Monkee’s Franchise Investment from $200,550
Gerry Weber - women's cothing franchise Investment from $90,000
KHLOÉNOVA - Beauty & Couture Franchise Investment on demand
FITTIN - Virtual Fitting Room Service Franchise Investment from $6,340
ADORI сollection - Production Studio of Knitted Clothes Franchise Investment from $24,200

Clothing & Footwear Franchises For Sale

Clothing & Footwear Franchises businesses are very popular among entrepreneurs because of a wide range of opportunities and benefits: business simplicity, brand awareness, IT-support, advertising and marketing assistance, bookkeeping assistance. Obviously, the main key factors of such franchises profitability are location and marketing. One of the major trends affecting the retail apparel franchises is the increase in people who like shopping for clothing or shoes on the Internet from the comfort of their home rather than shopping at a traditional store or shop. And of course you have to consider that the clothes and shoe store franchise is a very seasonal business, with a majority of sales coming during the holidays and when kids are headed back to school. We hope that our directory of Clothing & Footwear Franchises for sale can help you make an important and succesful decision.