BookingCat franchise
BookingCat - pet hotels chain franchise Investment from $33,200
Hilton franchise
Hilton - hotels and resorts franchise Investment from $29,162,700
Holiday Inn franchise
Holiday Inn - hotels and resorts franchise Investment from $7,544,298
Super 8 franchise
Super 8 - worldwide hotel franchise Investment from $209,638
Marriott International franchise
Marriott International - hotel franchise Investment from $92,500
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Hotel & Motel Franchise Opportunities

Buying a hotel franchise you acquire a business which will bring you a good profit. Travelling and rest have been nearly the main entertainments of people and they will always be. People prefer to stay at the hotels or motels with the famous brand names which they can rely on. The best motel or hotel franchises for sale require substantial funds. However, investing in the hotel franchise you get a world-known brand name, well set up business processes, trainings on working with people, assistance with management and marketing, brand-related products and many other things included in the franchise offer. The franchisor will assist you at all the stages of running the business and even do some work for you. There are also low cost franchises but with unusual concept on our list like pet hotels, for example.
All in the list of hotel franchise companies involves different opportunities you can choose from. How to buy a hotel franchise? All you need to do is to read carefully the information about the hotel franchises, match their concepts with your passions and the amount of investments with the funds you have available, and send the request. If you have any question to us, don't hesitate to ask it and we will be happy to give you as much detailed information as possible.