Jeff franchise
Jeff - Service Platform Franchise Investment from $40,000
Etagi franchise
Etagi - Real Estate Franchise Investment from $30,500
Briskly franchise
Briskly - a store without shop assistants franchise Investment from $7,200
CDEK franchise
CDEK - express delivery courier services franchise Investment from $17,000
Little Sheep franchise
Little Sheep - Hot Pot Franchise Investment from $500,000
ECOgate franchise
ECOgate - Production of Preventive Disinfection Systems Franchise Investment from $59,000
Cutmann Kids franchise
Cutmann Kids - the First Children's Barbershop Franchise Investment from $17,000 franchise - Online Restaurant Franchise Investment from $24,300
Goodwill franchise
Goodwill - gastronomic supermarkets franchise Investment from $222,000
BookingCat franchise
BookingCat - pet hotels chain franchise Investment from $4,530
Plasmolifting Praxis® franchise
Plasmolifting Praxis® - medical clinic or room franchise Investment from $15,090
ETNOMIR franchise
ETNOMIR - ethnographic park franchise Investment from $8,000,000
Travelto franchise
Travelto - Hotel Franchise Investment from $82,590
Cleanbros franchise
Cleanbros - cleaning сompany franchise Investment from $16,200
Briskly franchise
Briskly - Micromarket Franchise Investment from $1,770
Cordus franchise
Cordus - Back Pain Prevention Office Franchise Investment from $3,000

Master Franchises For Sale

Master franchise is a type of franchising when the owner of the brand name passes the control over all activities related to the business in a specified city, region or country to an entrepreneur or company called master franchisee. They pay a franchise fee to buy exclusive rights for opening and operating a number of enterprises in the geographical area. Master franchisee can offer for sale units to the third party. This model is especially good for international franchise, as it is easier for a sub franchisee to have business relationship with a master franchisor than with an owner of huge international business. Investments in master franchise pay off by plenty of benefits. First of all, it is an opportunity to develop business in one singular way, apply marketing strategies cheaper, gain loyalty of customers quicker, etc. Secondly, a franchise chain can withstand local competition easier. Thirdly, such a model allows the business to have a regular cash flow. In order to buy a master franchise an entrepreneur should consider the list of costs including license fees, set-up cost for building a local franchise infrastructure, and set-up cost for opening a pilot unit.