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For almost 20 years we have been helping people to find their home. Every day we improve business processes, compile best practices, create product that protect our customers.

Today we are not just an ordinary Real Estate Agency. We are a modern international IT-company with cutting edge business processes digitalization and CRM that increases our sales efficiency by up to 40% in comparison with the market.

Etagi franchise for sale
  1. Transparent and efficient business model
  2. All types of real estate and the most complex transactions
  3. Full financial and legal protection of a client
  4. Wide range of experience and competence, high-end technologies
  5. Full openness, honesty and client-centric model
  6. We provide one-stop shop for our clients
  7. Continuous free personnel training and development

Right now we look for franchisees in European countries. For the first five franchisees we have beneficial terms and conditions — just 3% royalty without initial fees.

How much does the Etagi real estate franchise cost?

Etagi has no franchise fee with a total initial investment from $9,700.

Investments required to open the Etagi real estate franchise

Initial investments: from $50,000
Payback period: from 15 months
Royalties: 3%
Franchise fees: none
Other current payments: none

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The requirements to buy etagi real estate franchise:
  • Managerial experience.
  • Entrepreneur experience.
  • Investments.
Size of offices:
  • Compliance with brandbook requirements is mandatory.

The Advantages of Etagi Real Estate Agency Franchise

  1. Initial fee - none
  2. Royalty - 3% of the fact revenue
  3. Overwhelming set of tools to start and run: IT, HR
  4. Full 24/7 head office support
  5. Territorial exclusivity
  6. Quick payback of investments
  7. Free online/offline training programs
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year the company was founded in:
  • Year of franchise launch:
  • Franchised companies:
  • Owned companies:
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