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About the company

Etagi was founded 20 years ago to improve real estate services. Today our company has 16,000 employees working across 160 cities in 8 countries.

There are billions of transactions with Real Estate worldwide. This process is not that easy and requires special competencies. That is why our Real Estate agency exists: to make these transactions fast, transparent and easy for the people all over the world.

We provide all types of Real Estate services: brokerage, mortgage, rent, insurance, etc. working with all types of Real estate.


Growing worldwide as a franchise, we offer a well-established business model that has been refined and proved effective by our partners. Ranked a TOP-3 franchise by Forbes Russia in 2019, we continue to maintain our high standards and improve.


We provide franchisees with an overwhelming set of tools to start and run from expertise-based support to up-to-date technologies:

  • Head office support
  • Personal startup manager and business developer
  • Gamification of franchisee work
  • 24/7 support of 13 departments
  • HR technologies
  • HR management system
  • Assistance in team building
  • System of recruitment, adaptation and motivation for employees
  • Marketing tools
  • Trademark and corporate identity
  • Digital support
  • Office design standards
  • Ready-made advertising campaigns
  • Training system
  • Online Training Portal
  • MBA for top management
  • Testing and certification for employees
  • Powerful IT-ecosystem
  • Software designed by our own IT company specifically for real estate business.

More about it and know-hows

What makes our franchise truly stand out is our focus on innovation and technology. 300 IT-specialists work everyday to improve our IT-system and create new products specifically for the Real Estate sector. That gives our franchisees a crucial competitive advantage over the market.

Our IT ecosystem includes:

  • CRM system - provides your team with efficient tools to manage relations with clients. Being synchronized with all other services, it also gives you a transparent picture of the sales process;
  • Business Intelligence system - collects all the operations indicators. Allows your business to be transparent and has a great variety of options to see strengths and weaknesses of your system;
  • Mobile apps - give your clients quick access to the company. Allows your sales team to be flexible and provide high quality services;
  • Project management system - minimizes paper work and allows you to be attentive to the environment. It also makes your business transparent and free from bureaucracy;
  • IT-integration with partners - allows to be fast in terms of interaction with partners, giving you a huge advantage over competitors on the market.

Who are we looking for?

Our franchisees are true entrepreneurs. We are looking for like-minded people with the same passion to improve the service quality of the Real Estate sector and create workplaces that will help employees to unleash their potential. However, having experience in real estate is not essential: only 30% of our franchisees used to work in this field before joining Etagi.

We’ve figured out the formula for success, and it’s having these key requirements:

  • successful management or entrepreneur experience;
  • high level of ambitions;
  • ability to take a risk and readiness to invest.

Main financial indicators

Together with a franchisee, we develop a customized business model designed specifically for your city.

Average financial indicators:

  • 15% average profitability
  • 2 years average payback period
  • from €25,000 average investment amount

How much does the Etagi real estate franchise cost?

Etagi has no franchise fee with a total initial investment from $30,500.

Investments required to open the Etagi real estate franchise

Initial investments: from $30,500
Payback period: from 24 months
Royalties: 3%
Franchise fees: none
Other current payments: none

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The requirements to buy etagi real estate franchise:
  • Managerial experience.
  • Entrepreneur experience.
  • Investments.
Size of offices:
  • Compliance with brandbook requirements is mandatory.

The Advantages of Etagi Real Estate Agency Franchise

  1. Initial fee - none
  2. Royalty - 3% of the fact revenue
  3. Overwhelming set of tools to start and run: IT, HR
  4. Full 24/7 head office support
  5. Territorial exclusivity
  6. Quick payback of investments
  7. Free online/offline training programs
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