Franchises with investments from $5,000 to $10,000

Unic-Um franchise
Unic-Um - cutting-edge game technologies for adults and kids franchise Investment from $5,000
iSportBar franchise
iSportBar - Vending Machines Chain Franchise Investment from $5,000
Brokerplan franchise
Brokerplan - Commercial Finance Brokerage Franchise Investment from $5,136
Uzel franchise
Uzel - transport company Investment from $5,320
Mertel franchise
Mertel - Event Agency Franchise Investment from $5,415
Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise
Vanguard Cleaning Systems - commercial cleaning franchise Investment from $5,500
Anglichanka franchise
Anglichanka - Federal Network Of Language Clubs Franchise Investment from $5,500
Abakus Center franchise
Abakus Center - Abakus Center - Child Education Franchise Investment from $5,505
LighterLife franchise
LighterLife - Weight Loss Programmes & Service Franchise Investment from $5,637
Town Money Saver franchise
Town Money Saver - Direct-mail & digital advertising Franchise Investment from $5,700
Baby Boot Camp franchise
Baby Boot Camp - Fitness Franchise Investment from $6,120
FiltaFry franchise
FiltaFry - Cooking Oil Micro-filtration Franchise Investment from $6,500
Vkus Detstva franchise
Vkus Detstva - Cafe Franchise Investment from $6,500
Algorithmica franchise
Algorithmica - kids programming school franchise Investment from $6,700
ZopRent franchise
ZopRent - Motorcycles & cars on rent Franchise Investment from $7,000
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Franchise Opportunities Under $10K

If you feel like you are ready for your own business, but need to test the waters first, consider some franchises under 10k. The quote suggests, “The quieter you go, the further you'll get.” There are many low cost franchise businesses for sale with interesting concepts which can be expanded later.
Our list of franchise opportunities under $ 10,000 contains cosmetics, cashback real estate and other small business franchises you can choose from. If you haven`t found the franchise to buy under $10K, ask our expert for advice.