Franchises with payback period up to 3 months

Tendata franchise
Tendata - Global Trade Data Supplier Franchise Investment from $3,000
UDS franchise
UDS - Global Intellect Service Franchise Investment from $1,300
Mertel franchise
Mertel - Event Agency Franchise Investment from $5,415
PANTIKA franchise
PANTIKA - Beauty and Health Laboratory Franchise Investment from $1,062
Variety Fashion Boutique franchise
Variety Fashion Boutique - women's wear franchise Investment from $700
Jack Hiker franchise
Jack Hiker - backpacks franchise Investment from $1,470
ECOgate franchise
ECOgate - Production of Preventive Disinfection Systems Franchise Investment from $59,000
One Life To Make franchise
One Life To Make - Lucrative Online Business in the Personal Development Investment from $6,250
Body Dream franchise
Body Dream - Body Shaping and LPG Massage Studio Franchise Investment from $21,000
AQUATICA franchise
AQUATICA - Drainage Systems and Site Development Franchise Investment from $13,500
Snatap  franchise
Snatap - vending and marketing franchise Investment from $7,530
Fast Shine franchise
Fast Shine - mobile car wash service franchise Investment from $9,000
Tenacious Techies franchise
Tenacious Techies - full service digital marketing agency franchise Investment from $2,000
Briskly franchise
Briskly - Micromarket Franchise Investment from $1,770