ID.WORLD - Remote Service Access System Franchise Investment from $116,380
Tenacious Techies - full service digital marketing agency franchise Investment from $2,000
WSI - Digital Marketing Franchise Investment from $96,500
Anago Cleaning Systems - commercial cleaning services franchise Investment from $10,440
CMIT Solutions - IT & Business Services Franchise Investment from $125,970
TeamLogic IT - IT & Business Services Franchise Investment from $109,550
Batteries Plus Bulbs - Phone Repair & Electronic Store Franchise Investment from $190,144
Tendata - Global Trade Data Supplier Franchise Investment from $3,000
Libertex - Forex trading franchise Investment from $10,000
Jeff - Service Platform Franchise Investment from $40,000
Norbell - call center franchise Investment from $100,000
Delta Bpo Solutions - BPO franchise Investment from $13,750
Abhaydata Investment from $140
T-Mobile - internet service provider franchise Investment from $40,000
HEAD SHOT - Network of Cyber Sports Clubs Franchise Investment from $63,600
Twindo - Pay By Likes Service Franchise Investment from $2,900
PIXLINE - franchise of a ready projects' pick up point Investment from $750
Click IT - Сomputer Services & Support Franchise Investment from $126,061
Hot-WiFi - IT-company Franchise Investment from $9,164
WEB24 - digital factory franchise Investment from $2,999
*astTECS - telecom company Investment from $5,000
DYME - Beauty App Franchise Investment from $9,900
CarSale - Online car auction Franchise Investment from $10,000
FITTIN - Virtual Fitting Room Service Franchise Investment from $6,340

IT & Computer Franchises For Sale

IT franchise business is versatile and offers a lot of opportunities in absolutely various industries. IT franchises for sale include computer phone repair, electronic store, software support, hardware manufacturing, purchasing, installation and testing; networking, data and security services. Weighing in on the benefits and drawbacks, computer franchises are much better than independent business. Firstly, they represent a familiar brand name and a strong reliable business concept which has successfully been run by a franchisor for years. Secondly, IT company franchises offer recommendation on starting the business, marketing and management models. And thirdly, a franchise partner receives training and support at every stage. IT services are becoming more and more demanded nowadays. And the tendency is expected to rapidly grow. Therefore, IT services franchises have great chances to be a lucrative business which can be expanded later. If you are fond of technologies and dream of owning a franchise, look through the IT franchise list and decide on the best option for you!