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Hologram Zoo Franchise opportunities

A new sort of entertainment center that uses lasers and hologram technology to make animals and artificial places appear all around the guests. Nothing like this has been seen before and it was one of the finalists for Time Magazine’s technology of the year. A Hologram Zoo is like a regular zoo except all the animals are made of laser light. They look real and act alive, but you can put your hand straight through them because they are holograms. Guests go to various artificial holographic places like Africa, Asia the North Pole etc. Guests can pat a lion, see a 82 foot whale, be in an elephant stampede or have cherry blossoms fall all around them in Japan. This is the world’s newest most high tech entertainment chain.

Previously, hologram equipment cost millions of dollars and was only used by top universities and science centers. A new technology break through by Axiom Holographics has allowed the price to drop to about 5% of what it previously cost. This allows holograms to be used in public entertainment centers. The technology was built by Axiom Holographics who usually make hologram devices for defence, government and science centers around the world. They have now moved into entertainment as well with this new chain of public centers. Axiom has won some of the world’s biggest awards for hologram technology. Their new entertainment technology was one of the finalist for Times Magazines technology of the year in 2023.

Hologram Zoo Franchise opportunities

Hologram Zoo is made up of special equipment consisting of two enclosures that project multiple different hologram animals, a 62 foot hologram tunnel, and a holographic sky roof. This equipment is very portable as it was originally created for travelling museum shows. You buy the equipment and then either set it up as a permanent installation or take it travelling from place to place.

Customers visit the center and pay for the experience. The experience lasts for around 30 minutes for a single session or around an hour for a double session. There are many different hologram shows, so customers can visit multiple times for different experiences.

You will begin with 5 shows. These are: Africa, Polar, Australia, Asia and Dinosaurs. These generally go for around 30 minutes each. Which consists of 5 tunnel journeys, 8 enclosures, 4 sky roofs. Over the next five years you will receive a minimum of one new show per year, (or you could be given more shows at Axiom’s discretion, depending on how many we produce ).

Hologram Zoo Franchise

You will also begin with one piece of seasonal content: “Christmas”. With you receiving a minimum of one new piece of new seasonal content per year over the next five years. This seasonal content is not a full show. A full show goes through the tunnel five times. This seasonal content will only do one lap consisting of one tunnel two enclosures and one sky roof.

SIZE OF area

Typically, we recommend a space of 350m2 as the entire center has a footprint of 250m2.

How much does the Hologram Zoo franchise cost?

Hologram Zoo has a franchise fee of $50,000/AUD $70,000 per year, with a total initial investment from $400,000/AUD $450,000.

Initial Investment:
Australia and NZ listings:
$450,000 AUD + $70,000 AUD per year for licensing.
Everywhere else / World listings:
$400,000 USD + $50,000 USD per year for licensing.
Franchise fees: $50,000/AUD $70,000 per year

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Franchisee must find their own suitable space to install to experiences. The devices can be portable giving the Franchisee the option to move locations whenever they please.

Hologram Zoo


  • Brand new type of technology that has never been seen before.
  • Was used in the Australian Museum’s hologram dinosaur show in Sydney.
  • Highly profitable trials.
  • Significant worldwide media attention so far (over 110 articles, including Wired and BBC).
  • You can regularly change the content to keep people coming back.
  • Five full 30 minute hologram shows already created with more being produced.
  • The parent company Axiom Holographics is a world leader in hologram technology and their customers include: Bentley, Airbus, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Four Seasons resort etc.
  • One of the finalists for Time Magazine’s technology of the year.
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Entertainment centre
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Franchised companies:
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