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Description of the city farm GREEN BAR franchise

City farms is a high-tech business
with a fast pay-off period

City farms are autonomous and eco-friendly structures that allow you to grow plants indoors. The global vertical farming market is projected to be worth at least $ 3.88 billion by 2020.

We will provide you with everything you need for a successful business.

City Farms - 1

A private city farmer can receive up to $2,042 a month!

City Farms - 2

The city farm generates income in the first month of operation when growing microgreens.

City Farms - 3

Minimum maintenance costs of equipment and crop.

City Farms - 4

A smart IT system creates ideal conditions for the growth of any culture.

The global trend is towards growing food locally in big cities. With the technology of vertical farms it became available for any entrepreneur.
Show-windows can be installed at home, in a basement, in a production area, in a shopping center or on the roof of a building!

Microgreens are young scions that are used both for food and for decorating dishes. It is used in salads, soups, cocktails, smoothies, and other drinks and dishes. Due to the high content of nutrients, such food is considered very attractive, and its consumption is growing steadily.

Smart manufacturing with remote control

GREEN BAR franchise

CITY FARM is a revolution in growing green

  • Rapid growth of nonpolluting crops of herbs, vegetables and berries.
  • Harvests are taken all year round. Harvest frequency from 5 days.
  • Cost of production remains the same, regardless of the season and external factors.
  • Minimum logistics costs.
  • 100% freshness of products (showcases can be installed in the sales area).
  • Entrepreneurs do not need any special knowledge to work with the city-farms.
  • The growth process is provided by the IT-system "virtual agronomist".
  • City farming technology make it possible to save water, soil and fertilizer, almost independent of the vagaries of the weather.

Earn by selling microgreens

Mobile city farms of microgreens.

Business by selling microgreens for food retail chains, fresh bars and restaurants.

Grow more than 30 varieties of sought-after crops that are used in detox foods, smoothies, salads, and decorating dishes.

In GREEN BAR you can grow

Microgreens of any spicy and edible plants, herbs, salads, cereals, legumes, onions, beets, cabbage, carrots and much more.

The table shows the time the seeds reach their presentation. See how often you can harvest. You will receive income up to 4 times a month!

Arugula (7 to 8 days) Buckwheat(6 to 8 days) Amaranth (8-12 days)
Peas(4 to 6 days) Chard(4 to 6 days) Basil (9 to 11 days)
Radish (5 to 6 days) Cabbage (6 to 7 days) Mustard(5 to 6 days)

Microgreens are recognized as SUPERFOOD, which, unlike exotic quinoa or goji berries, is available to everyone! Several types of greenery can grow in one showcase.

Know-how GREEN BAR that herbs growing right in boxes for sale. Expenses for packing and packaging are minimized.

Calculator profit

We will pass on you a unique technology with which you can harvest microgreens on average 48 times a year all year round.

In a six-tiered display case GREEN BAR matures from 960 portions of microgreens per month. Productivity - 42 servings per week from 1 tier.

City Farms - 5

The retail cost of a standard box of greens is $1.4. The manufacturing costs are $0.3. Gross profit - up to $2,042.

City Farms - 6

Additionally, greens can be used in smoothies / sauces / salads, ready-made meals. The manufacturing costs of a ready-made drink or dish is $3, the cost is $1.7.
You can attract from 150 clients per month.
Profit - $2,042.

Profit per month – more than $2,042. You can run a business yourself and set up a showcase at home, therefore the cost of operational management will be only 20% of the profit.

Compact home - high profitable business

You don't need an office or a large staff to establish a business. You can establish a business right in your apartment!

GREEN BAR showcases are the size of a refrigerator. The display case can be placed in the kitchen, room or corridor.

The productivity of one tier of the display case is 120 portions per month.
The cost of a portion is from 20 rubles, the price for sale is from $1.7.

The wholesale price depends on the type of greens, that is, you will get a big profit by growing expensive varieties of greens (arugula, mint, etc.). The markup on sale is from 30%, when used in ready-made dishes- over 100%

GREEN BAR franchise for sale

Easy start your business

GREEN BAR franchise cost

Investments for starting a business selling microgreens are about $8,168.

This amount includes the purchase of a 1 m² farm module for 5 tiers. 5 m² and productivity from 2,000 servings of micro greens per month.
Profit from about $2,042 per month.
Payback from 8 months.

The business scales easily. An additional set of showcases can be assembled and connected in 40 days.

Build production capacity in line with confirmed orders from customers.

Technological simple business

It is suitable for a first experience in the business.

In the automated showcase GREEN BAR, greens grow without your direct participation. Smart software fully controls the microclimate inside the showcase.

You just have to take 3 simple steps:

City Farms - 7

Fill with water

City Farms - 8

Add seeds

City Farms - 9

Cut the crop after 5 days

No agricultural technologies, land and seedling care.

The showcase will do it all yourself! Your task is to communicate with grocery stores and catering outlets in your city.

Quick change of assortment

Grow greens to order from shops and cafes and detox menus.

The GREEN BAR equipment is universal and suitable for growing all types of greens.

You can plant any seeds, the program will select the necessary conditions for the growth of greenery, and you will receive a product ready for sale.

GREEN BAR franchise to own

Trend of import substitution and smart agrotechnologies

City Farms - 10

The latest technology of fast cultivation of ecologically-safe microgreens GREEN BAR allows you to grow microgreens all year round without land, fertilizers and constant care.

City Farms - 11

100% organic, locally sourced. Maximum freshness and benefits of herbs. 10 minutes from garden to plate.

City Farms - 12

Crop control is carried out by a virtual agronomist service. A clear mobile application has been created for the storefront owner. With its help, you can control the growth of greenery with several buttons.

Open your city farm and earn up to $2,042 per month on microgreens!

How much does the GREEN BAR franchise cost?

GREEN BAR has a franchise fee ranges from $680, with a total initial investment from $8,168.

Upfront investment: $8,168

  • Launch of production and warehouse;
  • Branding;
  • Operating assets of company (seeds, boxes);
  • GREEN BAR equipment;
  • Advertising at the start stage;
  • Additional inventory;
  • Installation, delivery.

Equipment payback period: from 8 months
Average monthly income: from $2,042, production of 2,000 portions per month
Royalty: absent
Lump-sum payment: $680
Additional payments:
Purchase of organic seeds GREEN BAR and a subscription fee for software virtual agronomist - $35 per month.

The lump-sum fee includes:

Showcase installation
License to use the showcase and the right to sell GREEN BAR products Consultations and technical sheets for the assembly of the structure Training to work with a showcase and the process of growing greenery
Sowing greenery
The starter kit of organic seeds Individual advice on the choice of planting material The right to sell products according to network certificates
Online system for growing greens
Connection to the IT-system "virtual agronomist" Mobile application to manage a showcase 24/7 support line
City Farmer Training
Selection and training of specialists no more than 3 for 1 object
Privileges for partners
The right to purchase planting material at prices within the network (from 20% discount for the entire range) SMM: promotion in social networks Maintenance of technological equipment

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