Teapioca Lounge - cafe franchise Investment from $220,000
Topgolf - Entertainment Franchise Investment from $15,000,000
Ding Tea - Beverage Franchise Investment from $123,000
Retail Outlet - Bubble Tea Outlet Investment from $177,430
HOTWORX - Fitness Studio Franchise Investment from $188,070
Happy Lemon - Bubble Tea Franchise Investment from $309,000

Tea Franchises For Sale

What is the reason for buying a tea franchise? Tea is the second most consumed drink after water worldwide. Therefore, the demand for tea businesses has always been huge. There are many different types of tea as well as services related to this drink. The tendency caused the development of various franchises operating within the industry. There are online tea stores, tea shops, tea cafe franchises for sale. Choosing the right business to own, evaluate your opportunities. If you have limited costs to start your tea business franchise, you can begin with an online one which doesn't require full-time approach, extra expenses for equipment and rent, and allows a new franchisee to save by buying small amount of product. However, you can quickly have some revenue and scale your business. If you want to invest into vibrant, dynamically growing business, buy a tea cafe franchise. You can make more profit by diversifying your services. For example, you can sell some bakery products, sandwiches, coffee together with tea. Discover more details about tea franchise opportunities on our list here.