Essence franchise - production of ingredients for beverage and food preparation

Essence franchise opportunities

Essence franchise opportunities

How you will earn?

The income of the franchisee is formed from the margin on the products of production.
Essence operates in the B2B segment.
The rule works in our business: the client buys after he tries.
Therefore, we arrange regular tastings and product presentations

  • in our showroom
  • at customers' locations
  • at specialized exhibitions

For more detailed calculations, contact your company representatives for personal advice.

About the company and business

ESSENCE is the market leader in the production of beverage ingredients and dishes:

  • Own modern production facility
  • Laboratory for the development of flavors
  • A showroom for tasting products
  • Staff of brand ambassadors, chefs and baristas
  • Powerful marketing aimed at brand development
  • More than 1000 B2B customers worldwide

Oleg Vorobyov is the founder of ESSENCE:

"All our ranges are based on natural plant and fruit and berry extracts. We have turned the usual idea of food components in FMCG and HoReCa upside down. Our products are supplied to leading companies. Our plans are to reach the level of an international corporation"

Essence franchise opportunities

We have developed 18 unique base lines:

  • Beverages (coffee, non-alcoholic and alcoholic, milkshakes, cocoa, lemonades, smoothies)
  • Gastronomic products (sauces, soups, gravies, salad dressings)
  • Confectionery products (dough, cream, fillings, frosting, fondant)

To whom we sell our product:

  • Coffee shop chains
  • Self-service coffee shops
  • Restaurant chains
  • Bakeries
  • Hotels
  • Retail chains
  • * Marketplace
  • Air and railway companies
Franchise production of food bases and additives for cooking and drinks

Franchise Description

In a world where consumer habits are constantly changing and technology is developing at breakneck speed, the food industry is in dire need of innovation. We, an innovator company in this conservative industry, are entering the market with a revolutionary business model that will help entrepreneurs maximize profits from this growing industry.

The ESSENCE product is something completely new. Currently, it has no competitors, and we offer you a unique opportunity to be ahead of everyone and create a successful business with us on the ESSENCE franchise.

ESSENCE Business Model:

  • It is based on close cooperation and efficiency of all processes. Each department of the company plays a role in the creation of our products. The laboratory's technologists and developers work together with baristas and chefs to create new products and flavors;
  • not only flexible, but also able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. We are always one step ahead, and this gives us a competitive advantage. We actively study trends and offer consumers new, unique products that meet their expectations.

Join us and become a part of the successful ESSENCE franchise -we offer you the opportunity to do business on a global level and be part of our unique business model. Don't miss the chance to conquer the market with us!


How much does it cost to start a line for the production of food ingredients for the preparation of dishes and drinks?
Franchise fee contribution, which gives the right to produce and sell the product throughout the country - 1,000,000 USD
Investment in the organization of the production line - from USD 1,400,000

Franchise FeeInvestmentsRoyaltyProfitability (EBITDA)Turnaround time
1,0 million USDFrom 1,4 million USD2%...18 months.

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Franchise advantages

Cooperation on the ESSENCE franchise is the organization of production according to our recipes and technologies, ensuring sales growth and brand development.

The benefits you will get:

  • Our business is the blue ocean that everyone is trying to find
  • Well-established business processes
  • High profitability and quick return on investment

ESSENCE's Unique benefits for a thriving business

  • Promising market: The food industry is constantly growing as consumers continue to search for high-quality and convenient food. Our business gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to join this promising industry.
  • Innovative products: We develop and produce unique ingredients for the preparation of drinks and dishes that meet current trends and allow businesses to create products that meet the needs of consumers.
  • Global reach: Our business can operate effectively in any country in the world, providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to scale their business and serve consumers internationally.
  • Consumer Convenience: Our products are designed to meet the demanding expectations of modern consumers who are looking for food that is both convenient, tasty and nutritious.
  • Partnership for success: We work closely with our franchisees, providing them with unparalleled support, training and resources that enable their business to thrive.

We are determined to innovate solutions that meet today's demands and create significant business opportunities.

Essence franchise

Franchise package

Assistance in organizing and running a business:

  • We give you all the production technologies
  • We will help you organize a production line and a laboratory for creating flavors
  • We'll pass on all the recipes for our products
  • Provide you with a document describing the company's business processes
  • Share experience where to buy the highest quality natural ingredients
  • Together We will recruit the best staff
  • We will train the business owner and all staff to work with our product
  • We will teach you how to find customers and sell them the product
  • We will teach you how to establish relationships with networks
  • Together with you we will build the whole marketing policy
  • We provide all marketing materials
  • After the start of production, we guarantee full support for your work — our Company has specialists who will answer your questions as quickly as possible, helping you develop and make a profit.
  • Production and technology, marketing and sales, staff — for all questions, you can contact us and be sure that you will receive a professional answer.

Obligations of the parties

The duties and responsibilities of the parties are defined in the cooperation agreement

Essence franchise

Launch Stages

Our work plan:

  • Discussion of the terms of cooperation
  • Signing of Franchise Agreement and NDA
  • Payment of a Franchise Fee
  • Transfer of intellectual property for use
  • Definition of the development strategy and plan for 5 years
  • Launch, adaptation and implementation of business processes
  • Formation of marketing policy
  • Training and consulting of the business owner
  • * Design of the production site, showroom and office
  • Ordering equipment
  • Construction and renovation
  • Search and hiring of staff
  • Staff training
  • Conclusion of contracts for the supply of raw materials and supplies
  • Test launch of production
  • Visits of ambassadors to clients, conclusion of the first contracts
  • Test tasting for employees and guests
  • Grand opening
  • Operational activities
  • Reaching the break-even point
Essence franchise
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year company was founded:
  • Owned companies:
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