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AMAkids franchise

AMAkids is leading Academy of Intellectual Development for children, as well as the largest in Europe, with an extensive network of branches and a large franchise network. 1024 centers in 25 countries of the world.

Development programs

  • Mental Arithmetic
  • Amamatika
  • English Language

AMAkids franchise cost
AMAkids franchise to own

About The Brand

Franchise of AMAkids - Intellectual development academy for children from 5 to 16 years old.

  • Open a profitable business with guaranteed profit from the first month of operation of the center!
  • Affordable investments for the opening of the center
  • Fixed one-time payment
  • Launch of the center in 1-2 months
  • Full return on investment after eight months of work
  • Marketing support at all stages of the project

Room size

It depends on the several factors. Standard recommended size of the area in the premises is 50 square meters.

AMAkids franchise fee
AMAkids franchise opportunities

How much does the AMAkids franchise cost?

AMAkids has a franchise fee ranges from $3,500, with a total initial investment from $15,000.

Initial investments: $15,000
Payback period: 8 - 10 months
Average turnover per month: $3,500
Royalties: 10%
Franchise fees: $3,500
Other current payments: none

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Additional Information

The AMAKids Intellectual development academy was founded in 2014. The founder of the company: Volodymyr Fedyay. The first AMAKids Center was opened on November 25, 2014. The idea of creating AMAkids, according to its founder, Volodymyr Fedyay, appeared "While thinking about how to create a high-quality educational institution, studying in which children could develop and become better every day, acquiring the knowledge and abilities that will really help them in adulthood." Already in its first year of operation, the AMAKids Academy has established itself as a company aimed not only at an external, but also at an international audience.

In the period from 2014 to 2017, the Academy continued its rapid development, expanding the geography of the centers and their number in the CIS and European counties.

In 2018, AMAKids was already represented in 12 countries around the world.

In 2019, the geography of AMAKids continued to expand and has already reached 23 countries.

In 2021, more than 1,000 AMAKids training centers were operating in 27 countries around the world.

buy a AMAkids franchise
best franchise to own - AMAkids Franchise
Requirements to buy amakids franchise
  • Citizenship or Residence permit
  • Legal entity or Individual Entrepreneur
  • Funds for investments

AMAkids Franchise Advantages

  • Quick-start business model - affordable startup costs
  • Accessability – It is not necessary to have teaching experience to run your own business
  • Recognizable international brand
  • Author's teaching methods
  • Various types of fixed and protected territory for leading business
  • A working business model
  • Step-by-step plan for opening a training center
  • Brandbook and Design project of the training center
  • Description of the corporate work standard
  • Access to a unified business accounting and management system (CRM system)
  • A gamified platform for effective training of children
  • Deferred payment of royalties until the launch of the training center
  • Support at all stages of work
  • Support of the supervising manager
  • Methodological support and maintenance
  • Legal support
  • Advertising Guide
how to get AMAkids franchise
how to buy a AMAkids franchise
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Education center
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Franchised companies:
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