Mechatron Robotics Franchise opportunity for Edupreneurs

About the brand Mechatron Robotics

Mechatron Robotics is the EdTech division of Neurapses Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mechatron Robotics is one of the most preferred platforms in India for students aged 7-22 years to learn 21st-centuryst technological skills like robotics, AI, IoT, coding, Arduino, Machine Learning, and more.

Mechatron Robotics - student

Since 2018 more than 50,000+ students have been trained by providing project-based learning experiences to students that combine both technical and non-technical skills like innovative thinking, Creativity, Logical reasoning, Communication, and Perseverance.

Mechatron Robotics is recognized as an internationally recognized body by STEM. Org, one of the leading and valuable accreditation bodies of STEM education for quality certifications.

We develop not only the technical skills with our courses but also the non-technical skills for the students. Some of the technical courses we provide are:

  • Robotics
  • Coding with python
  • Electronics & circuit design
  • Artificial Intelligence for Kids
  • Mechanical Design
  • Microcontrollers like Arduino, python
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Robot operating system (ROS)

With our world class Project Presentations, we also develop many Non-Technical Skills among the students like:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance

Why Choose Mechatron Robotics?

  • Strong technical background & experience in the field
  • Certified & Accredited courses by
  • Very strong technical & marketing support
  • AI based LMS portal for partners, instructors & students
  • Basic to advanced levels of project-based courses (19+ courses)
  • Low Investment & High returns
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What Value do we bring for our Franchisee Partners?

  • Being a technology driven company with expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, IOT & many Coding Languages makes us the Technology Backbone of our Partners. We have a strong experience, technological base, and support for our partners.
  • Best in the world curriculum and 19+ variety of courses from online to offline modes.
  • In-house developed kits ensure extensive learning opportunities for students.
  • FREE LMS portal and application for franchise partners and students to manage the classes, day-to-day activities like Management of leads, Creating Batches, Mark Attendance, Registering Students, Generate Certificates & Many more.
  • Multiple sources for generating Revenue like Training programs, Workshops. Labs & KITS.
  • We provide constant Marketing & Training Support to the franchise partners.

Size of a placement

Infrastructure Required:

  • Owned / Rented Space of min 300 sq. ft. to 1000 sq ft with seating arrangement of 15-30 students at central location.
  • If rented space, lease agreement for a period of at least 2-year duration.
  • Workstations & laptops / desktops.
  • Robot Parts and Kits for the training of Students.
  • Storage Racks for parts, Kits and materials.


10% Discount on the Franchise Fees.
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How much does the Mechatron Robotics franchise cost?

Mechatron Robotics has a franchise fee of $6,000, with a total initial investment from $15,000 to $20,000.

Initial investments: from $15,000-$20,000
Payback period: 10-12 months
Average turnover per month: $6,000-$9,000
Royalties: 12%
Franchise fees: $6,000

Unit Franchise (Exclusive for one pincode): $6,000
Franchise / License Fee (Includes the Following)

  1. Training to Trainers for all courses
  2. License to use the training content.
  3. Marketing Training for marketing executives.
  4. Digital marketing & Graphic Design Support.
  5. Digital Campaign Management & Support.
  6. Learning Management System for Student, Trainers & Franchisee.
  7. Office 365 + Company Email IDs for Faculties and Franchisee.
  8. Strategy building to grow business

Other current payments: $7,000

Startup Kits (For Offline Training)

  1. Level 1 kit – Junior bot – 10 Nos
  2. Level 2 Kit – Electronics – 10 Nos
  3. Level 3 Kit – Wireless projects – 10 Nos
  4. Level 4 Kit – Arduino – 10 Nos
  5. Level 5 Kit – Arduino based Robots – 10 Nos
  6. Level 6 Kit - IOT
  7. Humanoid Kit – 5 Nos
  8. Gripping Arm Bot – 5 Nos

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  1. Multiple Sources of Revenue Generation:

    • Training Programs
    • Robotics workshops
    • Robotics labs & kits
    • School tie-ups

  2. Royalty – 15%.
  3. The profitability rate is 40%.
  4. Payback period is 10-12 months.
  5. Avg Turnover is $6,000-$9,000.
Requirements to buy franchise
  • Individuals who wish to become Entrepreneurs and start their own business.
  • Entrepreneurs with an interest towards Robotics and technological Education and have experience in the Education Industry.
  • Individuals / Tutors / Teachers / Coaching centers / Educational Centers having existing set up of Training and Education.
  • Businesses working in the field of educational products other than Robotics. Science and Engineering Teachers of Schools and colleges.


    Benefits for Business Partners & Franchisee:

    • High demand for good robotics training centers for kids, school students and college students across the world.
    • Huge Market opportunity with millions of students every year interested to learn this technology. (Currently less than 1% of total demand is being addressed).
    • Parents are finding value in Robotics because of its numerous benefits like increasing IQ levels, practical learning, increase in creativity & building a suitable career.
    • Education Industry is one of the most fastest growing industry across the world and not affected by political & economic conditions.
    • Very Less Competition, Open Market.
    • Highly Profitable business with the least Investment.
    • Easily scalable business.
    • Difficult to copy or start the business without support.
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    How are we different from others?
    Comparison of Course/Training

    1. Focus on holistic & practical knowledge on Mechanics, Electronics and Coding.
    2. Accredited courses by (International Accreditation).
    3. Classroom and Online Both Options available.
    4. Inhouse Developed Project Kits through research and development.
    5. 7+ Years of Experience in the field of Robotics, AI and Coding.
    6. Competition training for students to participate in various competitions.
    7. Experienced Teachers with years of experience in the same field.
    8. Experience of participating in various Robotics Competitions.
    9. Experience of Teaching Students of IIT.
    10. Team Based Learning / Group Learning / Group Project Building.
    11. Internship Opportunity for Students.
    12. 15+ Training Centers to Learn Robotics in India & Abroad.
    13. Certified Curriculum with Practical Projects – 90% Projects, 10% Theory.
    14. Support students to publish projects in National and International platforms.
    15. Affordable Course Fee (Value for Money).

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    • Starting investments from:
    • Company type:
      Education center
    • Year company was founded
    • Year of launching franchise
    • Franchised companies
    • Owned companies
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