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About the brand SUP4YOU

SUP4YOU is a chain of sports complexes, providing a full range of professional training on SUP with the possibility of renting equipment. During the 5 years of operation were opened 6 stations in in different countries.

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Our invaluable experience, which we decided to share with those who want to open their own rental station and do not want to start from scratch.

Prospects for SUP rentals
Domestic tourism is becoming more and more in demand because of the covid19. We create comfortable conditions for sports, recreation and outdoor entertainment in the urban environment.

Development of SUP-surfing as an official sport
The International Surfing Association (ISA) has been holding the SAP Surfing World Championships since 2012. People can also participate in local competitions or just do it as a hobby.

There is an opportunity to develop additional areas, in addition to training, you receive comprehensive support at all stages. The team and investors for whom SUP surfing is more than just a hobby are always ready to help.

Become part of a Team focused on more than 35% annual net income growth. Get support from organizations that, like you, are interested in development.

Our special features

  • You will teach adults and children water activities
  • Sell the best equipment from trusted suppliers
  • Gain valuable knowledge on running a rental station
  • You will create competitions and attract sponsors on a long-term basis
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Franchise package options

Everything you need to organize a successful business in the field of recreation on the water using SUP equipment. Choose what suits you:

Starter Package «S»
Package price «S» $5,500
If you already have a SUP rental
Building a business on existing equipment and (or) station
Franchise Fee: $3,300
Royalties: $230/month
Launch period: 1 -2 weeks

Starting package «M»
Package price «M» $15,200
If there is no SUP rental yet
Mobile "station" with equipment (11 sets)
Franchise fee: $4,500
Royalty: $230/month
Launch date: 2-4 weeks

Starting package «VIP»
Package price «VIP» $25,500
If there is no SUP rental yet
Stationary station with equipment (20 sets)
Launch date: 2-4 weeks
Construction (installation, finishing) of the space
Franchise Fee of $6,000
Royalty: $230/month


Marketing, advertising and organizational support - we share the experience gained over 5 years of work in the industry. We act according to a calculated financial model with confirmed numbers.

Training for business "on the water" and on SUP - instructor is included in the franchise fee with the issuance of a certificate of established form. The course lasts 2 days, 8 academic hours.

We help with the selection of the best equipment and materials - proven models of SUP equipment from world brands for different builds and tasks at wholesale prices. We provide the exclusive right to open a dealership for the sale of goods for water sports

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How much does the SUP4YOU franchise cost?

SUP4YOU has a franchise fee of $3,300 with a total initial investment from $5,500.

Initial investments: from $5,500
Payback period: from 2 months
Royalties: $230
Franchise fees: from $3,300
Other current payments: none

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Advantages of the SUP4YOU franchise
Understand the market, audience and trends.
We share the experience gained over 5 years of work in the industry. We act according to the calculated financial model with confirmed indicators.

Exclusive right to sell equipment.
An agreement is concluded between the representative of the company for the sale of certain goods for water sports in the assigned territory, which provides additional income.

Strong surroundings.
You get comprehensive support at all stages. The team and investors, for whom SUP-surfing is more than just a hobby, are always ready to help.


  • Desire to develop in business and develop water sports
  • The project can be developed in any cities and countries where there is a water area of a river, lake or sea

Stages of cooperation

  1. Getting acquainted with the request for relevance and prospect development. Discussion of the terms of direct cooperation (start package 1-2 months)
  2. Contract negotiation (contract approval)
  3. Assistance in key organizational issues
  4. Launch
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year company was founded
  • Year of launching franchise
  • Franchised companies
  • Owned companies
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