How Much Does It Cost to start a security franchise

There is no doubt that in today’s world it is important to keep safe. People that care about themselves and companies that want to ensure a safe working environment have a need for security services. That’s where security franchises come in handy. These establishments play a significant role in ensuring security of a company or residential property. The array of safety services provided is wide. There are restoration, inspection, retail of alarm systems and cameras, bank security, and so on. Franchising gives access and opportunity to entrepreneurs to tap into this profitable sector and have financial freedom. They can greatly benefit from a proven model with support and training offered and provided by the parent company.

Franchising offers a blend of support and resources to entrepreneurs. There is no need to go at it alone. Security market is wide and choosing a niche can be a challenge. There are a lot of difficulties involved in setting up an independent business. Whereas with a ready-made business model that franchise brands offer, you’re set for success. Most business aspects and processes are figured out and properly navigated. So, you’ll be entering a business venture that allows you to focus on security services and easily manage your enterprise.

The investment required for setting up a security franchise varies. There are franchise offers for under $25,000, and there exist more expensive options that start from $50,000 in cost. Our franchise directory includes franchise brands for every budget. So, if you are considering investing in a security company franchise, then our portal is the best way to find the most suitable option for you.

How to start a security franchise

You can easily start and run your own safety franchise today. Browse through available opportunities and learn about them. Look closely and narrow your choice. If you have found a franchise of your interest, you can contact our experts at to learn more about the brand and your next steps. Typically, the ownership path starts with contacting the franchisor or its representatives and communicating with them. At this stage you learn more about the opportunity and aspects of the business. If both the parent company and an entrepreneur are content with each other, then review and signing of the FDD are in order. It is better to contact lawyers and look into the agreement together, so you can be confident that you are entering a contract that is credible and safe for you.

After the signing, the real work begins. Finding and renting a space, construction works, purchases of necessary equipment and supplies, recruiting staff are just some of the stages involved in setting up a franchise.

Fees and taxes

There are several fees typically involved. It is a royalty fee that is usually about 4-8% of gross sales, and an advertising fee that is approximately 1-6%.

Trends and facts about security company franchises in 2023

  • Keeping residential and office properties secure and safe is a task number one for people. You can never be too safe. So, safety franchises play a huge part in ensuring residents and business owners are secure. Companies have to comply with certain regulations and standards, so they can operate a business, and safety franchises help them achieve it.
  • There are a lot of services that are provided by safety franchises. They include inspection, restoration, cleaning, and security. These businesses help companies and people protect their properties and feel safe.
  • Experience in customer service is preferable for safety franchise owners. Entrepreneurs have to spend a lot of time communicating with customers and building good relations with them, so they have trust and loyalty in your enterprise.
  • Safety services are in high demand today. The need for protection of properties is undeniable. There are government regulations that have to be followed, and safety franchises greatly help with that.
  • Safety sector is a multi-billion one. It is predicted that it will only grow and increase in the future, as companies will continue to rely on professionals with expertise to perform safety services.
  • Besides other forms of safety, ensuring fire safety is an important element in any enterprise and in residential buildings. Therefore, it is very important to equip properties with special fire alarms and strictly comply with all fire safety requirements. And security franchises specializing in fire safety can help achieve it.
  • Companies save money on security services by turning to safety franchises directly. Instead of searching for individual providers or hiring additional staff, small and large businesses can turn to experts at security franchises that typically provide a package of services and do the job professionally. It’s a win-win for both participants of the business relationship.
  • With a security franchise you won’t have to worry about creating a business plan and carrying it out on your own. Instead, you’ll get a lot of ready-made business solutions and necessary tools and manuals needed for successful operation.