Investment from $65,000

Investment from $100,000

Investment from $1,194

Investment on demand

Investment from $284,350

Investment from $218,275

Investment from $555,500

Investment from $21,170

Investment from $488,405

Investment from $199,850

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Investment on demand

Investment on demand

Investment from $183,700

Investment from $25,407

Investment from $300,000

Investment from $50,759

Investment from $1,083,525

Investment from $3,700

Investment from $2,218,250

Investment from $969,600

Investment from $1,343,813

Investment from $181,450

Investment from $304,500

Investment from $36,750

Investment from $142,330

Investment from $46,400

Investment from $178,350

Investment from $944,000

Investment from $222,500

Investment from $112,997

Investment from $313,200

Investment from $214,944

Investment from $6,120

Investment from $143,600

Investment from $26,400

Investment from $15,000,000

Investment from $188,070

Investment from $133,972

Gym Franchises For Sale

The most important for the Gym & Fitness franchises industry are:

  • Easy access for clients
  • Effective product promotion
  • Provision of appropriate facilities.
Gym franchises industry operators will benefit from an increasingly health-conscious environment, driving membership growth. The perspectives and profitability of gym franchises will continue to grow as consumers become more health conscious. Experts think that healthy franchises will begin targeting specific demographics. Typically, highly populated areas have a higher portion of industry establishments. This trend can be attributed to consumers' lack of willingness to travel excessive distances to exercise. As such, fitness franchises that locate in proximity to consumers' work commute will generate large health club membership sales. Hope that our directory of a popular Fitness & Gym franchises and other healthy franchises for sale can help you make an important and succesful decision.

Gym Franchise Industry Analyses

The history of gym franchises dates back to 1840 when the first club was established in Brussels. In the 1960s the first health club chains were opened. They were visited mostly by men. The 80s are considered to be the time when a lot of new gyms appeared due to the increase of fitness popularity among women. The 90s gave birth to a lot of gym franchises which continue to successfully operate on the market such as Planet Fitness, Work Anytime, My Gym. The first gyms were focused on workouts in groups. They offered pilates, athletics, and dancing classes. A trend for thin body and bodybuilding in the 1990s gave a boost to the development of franchises which offered weight loss programs. Healthy lifestyle became popular in the 2000s and sparked a wave of new interest to sport which forced new businesses to enter the market. Today fitness businesses cater to the needs of young and old, men and women, those who want to lose weight and to gain it. Modern gym franchises offer a wide variety of workouts, personal coaching, mom-and-pop health clubs, crossfit.

The International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association says that the fitness industry will reach up to 147 billion by 2024 as more women, kids and seniors are visiting gyms in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Fitness business is predicted to be among the fastest growing sectors in the USA. It means that gym franchises create favourable investment opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Recent Changes Within Gym Franchise Industry in 2022-2023

Nowadays, the gym industry is recovering after the pandemic that took a toll on the economy and people’s lifestyle in recent years. Today, people have started to care more about their health and physical well-being. It is predicted that more people will come to gyms in 2023, as they are ready to get out of the house and socialize. The global fitness market is experiencing a rapid growth rate. That means that gym franchises will have an opportunity to get a bigger share. However, it also means more competition, so it helps to improve the brand’s offerings and develop new training programs. Technologies will also play a really big role in the gym industry.

Opening a gym franchise is a good business opportunity. In the current climate there will not be a shortage of customers. Instead, the demand for gym services will only continue to increase. There are many gym franchises for sale for entrepreneurs to explore. Their cost ranges, depending on the brand. A potential franchisee can count on the franchisor to help him find and secure the location, to figure out all aspects of business, and to support and guide him.

Who Is The Best Gym Franchise Owner?

The best gym franchise owner is an entrepreneur who wants to help the community to keep healthy and fit. It is not a problem that a business person has no experience in fitness coaching or running a gym because a franchisor will provide them with extensive training and share their experience. Every gym franchise owner who is looking for new applicants expects to meet a person with similar values. It may be a good benefit for a newbie if they have a business acumen and initiative to grow their business, diversify services and gain a popularity and reputation in their community. However, every concept is different, therefore, an ideal franchisee from the point of view of one franchisor can be not so good for another one.

Main Advantages

Frankly speaking, gym franchises have a lot of benefits over others. First of all, gym business is not only fun to own but also brings very attractive ROI for an owner. It also offers multiple revenue streams by means of membership fees, group training and personal coaching, selling supplements, fitness apparel. Secondly, as it was noted before, gym franchise industry is forecasted to increase at least in the next 3 years as people pay more and more attention to their health. Thirdly, unlike other businesses like restaurants or convenience stores, gym businesses don't require a lot of employees to be hired, which is quite a saving. And lastly, fitness is a well-established industry which doesn`t offer a lot of changes. Hence, gym franchise is an understandable and simple business model which doesn`t require special knowledge and experience.

Main Challenges

Starting their own gym franchise, an entrepreneur should focus on several aspects to make their business successful. First of all , it is the location of a gym. In order to avoid the risk of choosing the wrong place, they should do the research of demographics and area. Secondly, gym businesses are not cheap as they require special equipment and facilities which should be maintained. However, as it was mentioned before, the investments will bring a fast ROI. Thirdly, it is worth investing a lot of time and effort in building a good team. A friendly devoted team is half of the success of a gym franchise. And lastly, a new franchisee should follow all recommendations of their franchisor about how to build a client base, retain members and avoid customer churn. Up-to-date gym franchise businesses have special programs and strategies on how to grow the number of visitors and don`t lose them.

Cost & Fees

Investments required to start a gym franchise depend on the concept, brand name and business model. Some franchises which have a world wide reputation may cost more. The main expenses which a gym franchise owner has are related to buying or renting real estate. As we mentioned above, location is really important. If a gym is opened in the center of the megapolis, it can cost quite a lot. Gyms require a lot of space which also costs money. Another big investment is equipment and its maintenance. However, there are quite inexpensive business models like mobile fitness franchises. They don't require premises and a lot of equipment, therefore come cheaper. Generally gym franchise starting investments vary from $ 100K to 5 mln.