BE FLEX stretching and fitness studio franchise

About the brand « BE FLEX»

BE FLEX is a chain of stretching and fitness studios that offers the most popular trends: TRX, yoga, Pole Dance, barre, stretching, Pilates and modern dance trends.

Today, BE FLEX is a successfully growing business with a wide customer base and its own brand of sportswear. It shows that the brand has earned the trust of consumers and found its audience.

About the brand « BE FLEX»

We are actively growing and developing:

  • 2 own studios
  • 16 most popular sports directions.
  • From 6 to 45+ is the target audience of the studio.

We have a lot of experience, and we value our reputation, so we did everything so that everyone could find a direction to their liking in our studio. They come back to us for the pleasure of their own body!

BE FLEX is the choice of those who appreciate straining in comfort and training without pain! 95% of clients come to the trial session and become our regular visitors.

Strengths of BE FLEX stretching and fitness studio:

  • Comprehensive, individualized approach to clients.
  • The team of trainers unlocks the potential of each student, while providing exercises with physical training.

Classes are held in pleasure and with maximum benefits for health and maintaining physical fitness

The BE FLEX coaching staff are professional athletes, gymnasts, ballet dancers and ballet dancers who have the appropriate education and coaching qualifications to help effectively teach and achieve athletic goals. Each of the coaches strive to create a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for their clients to maximize their enjoyment. We have assembled the best team and take pride in the fact that our coaches lead the different areas at the highest level.

Maria, one of the founders of the studio, has dedicated her whole life to dance, is a current teacher and knows all the processes from the inside. Daria - co-founder of BE FLEX - helped Maria at all stages of formation and continues to be involved in scaling and development. Daria is a well-known blogger with an account of 300,000 subscribers.

Now the company is moving to a new stage and starting to sell franchises. We are looking for enterprising entrepreneurs who share our values, who are ready to develop with a strong brand and who are willing to do business under the franchise model.

BE FLEX franchise

We set up our own business in the field of sports services. We opened two stretching and fitness studios, which are successful and bring in a stable income. We have carefully studied the needs of the market and the target audience. We understand what is important to clients when choosing a sports studio and offer them what they are looking for.

Now we are ready to share our experience and expertise:

  • We will help you open a stretching and fitness studio under the BE FLEX brand.
  • We will guide you through all the stages until you reach the planned indicators.
  • We will provide ongoing support to franchisees after opening.

We have big plans to expand the BE FLEX network worldwide through franchising. In this way, we will be able to offer everyone who wants to join sports, providing high-level fitness services. Together with you, we will achieve this quickly and efficiently!


Why it is more profitable to start a business with the support of professionals than on your own:

  1. Recognizable brand: BE FLEX franchise has already gained customer trust and brand loyalty. This will reduce the risk of starting a new business and ensure customer acquisition.
  2. Support and training: the BE FLEX team provides support in the form of training, marketing materials, operating procedures and other resources to help budding entrepreneurs quickly immerse themselves in the specifics of the business.
  3. Saving time and effort: buying a franchise avoids the need to develop a business model and test the concept. Instead, you will use a ready-made and tested model, which will reduce the time and effort involved in starting a business.
  4. Sharing experience: BE FLEX franchise will provide access to the best practices and experience accumulated by the franchisor. This will help to make the right decisions and improve business performance.


Investments for starting a business

Start-up investment: from 21 170 USD (including Franchise Fee)

  • FANCHISE Fee - from 2 560 USD.
  • Rent (2 months) – 5 430 USD
  • Repair – 2 600 USD
  • Sports equipment, equipment, furniture – 8 250 USD
  • Marketing opening (recommended) – 1 600 USD
  • Royalty: 5% (but not less than 220 USD).
  • Payback period: from 12 months

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Franchise Formats.

For the convenience of franchisees, we have developed three franchise formats. We will help you choose the best option based on your goals and opportunities.

  1. Studio BE FLEX from 60 m² - 1 area
    Services: Stretching (group and personal training).
  1. Studio BE FLEX from 120 m² - 2 areas

    • Stretching (group and personal training).
    • TRX.
    • Pilon.
    • Antigravity yoga
  1. Studio BE FLEX from 300 m² — 3-4 areas

    • Stretching (group and personal training).
    • TRX.
    • Pilon.
    • Antigravity yoga
    • Massage room.

What's included in the Franchise Fee:

  • Brand - gives the right to work under the BE FLEX brand.
  • Corporate style - we will provide guidelines for the use of the trademark, a ready and constantly updated brand book, elaborated creatives and layouts for advertising campaigns.
  • Individual design project of the studio - we will prepare a general design project of the premises, a list of necessary equipment and recommendations for renovation.
  • Premises selection - we will tell you how to choose the right premises and provide a checklist for selection.
  • Legal and accounting support - we will advise on the registration of a legal entity and the choice of taxation system.
  • Business processes - a detailed plan of opening, financial model, guidance on the organization of the studio.
  • Staff - assistance in the selection and training of trainers. Formation of the team and staff motivation system.
  • Website - placement of franchisees on the website and social networks Be Flex.
  • Lead generation - attracting incoming applications and recording the first clients.
  • Call center - organize the processing of incoming leads in the first three months (a month before opening and 2 months after).
  • Be Flex accounting system - data security and constant access to data.
  • Mobile App - online schedule and personal account of the client.

Training and support

Support for franchisees after opening:

  • Full support at all stages.
  • Dedicated manager for all questions.
  • We hand over a business manual - the franchisee's book. The document describes possible situations in the operation of the studio and how to resolve them.
  • Team building
  • Regular training and professional skills of administrators and coaches.
  • Organization of joint marketing activities, participation in festivals and events.
  • Franchisee meetings, team building, motivation to grow performance and scale the business together with the Be Flex head office team.
  • Support in social networks.

How much does the BE FLEX franchise cost?

BE FLEX has a franchise fee ranges from $2,560, with a total initial investment from $21,170.

Initial Investment: from $21,170
Payback period: from 12 months
Royalties: 5%
Franchise fees: from $2,560
Other current payments: none

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What you will earn:

  • Functional training.
  • TRX.
  • Yoga.
  • Pole Dance.
  • Barre.
  • Stretching/Aerostretching.
  • Pilates.
  • Dance.
  • Antigravity yoga.

Studio concept:

  • Area: from 60 to 300 m².
  • Location: business centers, residential complexes, freestanding studio.
  • Equipment: TRX, bosu, dumbbells, resistance bands, mats, pylon, webs.
  • Atmosphere: training without pain, stress.

Additional opportunities to scale your business and make money:

  • Increase business turnover with the launch of a massage parlor.
  • Earn additional income from children's trainings.

Become part of our team and we'll help:

—  Minimize risks.
We will provide detailed information about our business. We will answer any questions and are ready to help at all stages.

—  Find a location for your studio.
We will help you find the best room that meets all the necessary requirements. We will be able to assess the lease for flexibility and attractive terms.

—  Train the coaching staff.
We will teach how to communicate with clients, conduct professional training and certification of trainers.

—  Attract clients and build out the work with them.
We have tested and implemented many marketing tools and are fully responsible for attracting clients for our franchise partners from day one of the studio.



  • The niche offers great opportunities for the realization and development of your own business.
  • We work individually with each franchisee.
  • BE FLEX Stretch and Fitness Studio is a brand with a reputation, so when we open each new branch, we are responsible for its success and the result of its work.
  • Our partners receive not only knowledge and instruction, but also build business skills.
  • Simple premises requirements, no expensive inventory.
  • In-demand services will ensure constant demand from "hot" clients.
  • Wide target audience - from 6 to 45+ years old.
  • We share the standards of author's training programs.
  • You will have the opportunity to further scale the business by increasing the area and additional areas.
  • By launching a franchise, you significantly save time and money for the development and creation of a new product.

We will provide tested business processes and eliminate the risks associated with starting a business from scratch.


BE FLEX success story

Maria is the founder and teacher of BE FLEX. Maria has dedicated her whole life to dance classes, worked as an event organizer and teacher-choreographer in an inclusive art collective. In 2019, Maria re-qualified and trained as a coach.

Daria is the founder of BE FLEX. Daria has 2 diplomas in economics and work experience in government structures. She helped Maria at all stages of the studio's development and continues to be involved in the scaling and development of the BE FLEX network. In the company, she is responsible for planning and cost optimization.

During the pandemic, Maria, along with her sister, sat on isolation at home. In order to continue their professional activities, they started online fitness in social networks. The idea to open their own studio, a modern space for women, appeared. They began to analyze competitors, popular fitness trends and make a business plan to create their unique product.

At first it was decided to open a franchise studio, as it was the first joint business, there were a lot of fears and concerns in organizational activities.

Maria and Daria worked under the franchise for a year and, having gained experience, gave up in favor of their own unique brand. After another year, the BE FLEX chain of stretching and fitness studios launched its own brand of sportswear, and also expanded its lines of business. Now 2 BE FLEX studios have been opened and are successfully operating.

  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Fitness studio
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Owned companies:
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