New franchises

Laziz Pizza franchise
Laziz Pizza - Restaurant Franchise Investment from $10,000
GAME OVER franchise
GAME OVER - Escape Rooms Franchise Investment from $85,000
CUBE Ultimate Challenges franchise
CUBE Ultimate Challenges - Entertainment Franchise Investment from $370,000
Mertel franchise
Mertel - Event Agency Franchise Investment from $5,415
Bake A Wish franchise
Bake A Wish - Japanese Homemade Bakery Franchise Investment from $96,800
SilkSense franchise
SilkSense - silk flower rental franchise Investment from $30,000
Gemotest  franchise
Gemotest - laboratory franchise Investment from $12,000
Barabas franchise
Barabas - Barbershop Franchise Investment from $30,000
Coders Lab franchise
Coders Lab - Education IT School Franchise Investment from $50,000
TOAST-IT franchise
TOAST-IT - Italian Fast Food Franchise Investment on demand
Unik-Um franchise
Unik-Um - Franchise Of Art School By Ekaterina Skuratova Investment from $10,000
La Donuteria franchise
La Donuteria - Donut Shop Franchise Investment from $35,000
Vibe Marketing franchise
Vibe Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency Franchise Investment from $3,450
Jeff franchise
Jeff - Service Platform Franchise Investment from $40,000
EduCare4u franchise
EduCare4u - Education Hub Franchise Investment from $15,000
Nigiwai Sushi franchise
Nigiwai Sushi - Japanese Restaurant Franchise Investment from $67,000
Veklich franchise
Veklich - Device franchise Investment from $1,000
MEITO franchise
MEITO - Cafe Franchise Investment from $80,000
Mango Mania franchise
Mango Mania - Cafe Franchise Investment from $76,500
Galevich Art School franchise
Galevich Art School - school of art and design franchise Investment from $3,160
Smart Refinery Technologies Group franchise
Smart Refinery Technologies Group - oil refineries franchise Investment from $500,000
Peroni franchise
Peroni - #1 honey franchise Investment from $1,150
Vkus Detstva franchise
Vkus Detstva - Cafe Franchise Investment from $6,500
DYME franchise
DYME - Beauty App Franchise Investment from $9,900
PRIMEBEEF BAR - bar & grill chain franchise Investment from $59,380
THOR franchise
THOR - Electronic Exhaust System Franchise Investment from $10,500
TopFranchise franchise
TopFranchise - Online Consulting Services Investment from $27,200
Cordus franchise
Cordus - Back Pain Prevention Office Franchise Investment from $3,000
OneGlamping franchise
OneGlamping - Hotel Franchise Investment from $125,500
Crimean Rose franchise
Crimean Rose - Cosmetics Stores Franchise Investment from $9,500
Etagi franchise
Etagi - Real Estate Franchise Investment from $20,000
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New Franchises For Sale 2020

The evolution of everything creates a constant demand for new franchises in absolutely various business areas. Among the most trendy franchises of 2020 year are fitness, restaurant, beauty salon, retail and food. To pick up the best new franchises to own, check what the franchisor offers you. Are they ready to help you only at the opening or at all stages of running the business? Does the franchise owner use social media marketing, enable their partners to work remotely and offers new business franchise opportunities? Study carefully what experience the franchisor has and what is their reputation on the market to figure out if their franchise business is worth to invest in. If you are looking for the most up-to-date and reliable business to own, here are the hottest new franchise opportunities for sale.