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Verbatoria franchise

Verbatoria helps families to choose profession for their kids in harmony with inborn intelligence. It’s 100% automated process of brainwaves specifics analysis to score specific indications of resourcefulness in 7 Gardner talents.

More than 50,000 families in 23 countries chose success paths for their kids - from US to Singapore.

Verbatoria proved to be stable and growing in COVID turbulence

Lockdowns let parents sit with kids and know them more than ever before, also realising need and responsibility to choose better future for them. Verbatoria partners worldwide report extra gain of customers after each «wave» of lockdowns over the top of organic demand for tests.

Verbatoria is the best choice for first-time entrepreneurship and a great value-add to existing practice.

Lowest entry cost (no permanent space rental, no high staffing), flat and fixed royalty just $99 per month with no any hidden costs. You will not become a $-millionaire with our franchise, but create stable income around $2,000-3,000 per month.

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Reasons to start business with us

Verbatoria is the most affordable, unique and profitable edTec franchise maybe

  • Every parent seeks career coaching advise for their kid at least once
  • Proven business model even for small cities
  • More than just money -> you change family lives to even better
  • Your full control of market pricing, positioning, sales channels
  • Global support in marketing, 7x24 support for reports for clients and partners
  • Full training for up to 3 people included
  • No rental space required to start - tests could be in customer location, per-our offices etc
  • Profitability breakeven in average 3 months

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Verbatoria franchise for sale

How much does Verbatoria franchise cost?

Franchise fee including training, equipment - $4,990.

Minimum cash required: $4,990
Total investment range: $4,990

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Easy to start operations model
  • Sign Agreement and buy Verbatoria franchise at $4,990 only which includes everything to start - equipment, training, life-time licenses
  • Configure sales channels (web, Instagram, FB etc) using full database of our free templates
  • Sell tests at your price, market benchmark for reference only is 80$
  • Pay fixed royalty fee 99$ per month (up to 20 tests), or 199$ (if more than 20 in that month)

Verbatoria Talents-By-Brainwaves Advantages

  • Unique technology yet proven business model since 2016 in 23 countries
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs with any background, no special required
  • Flat and transparent pricing: 4990$ to buy, 99$ per month to run.
  • Online community for experience sharing
  • Franchisee, clients support in reports reading
  • Highest customer satisfaction - 99.8% in 2021
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