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Verbatoria Talent Quotient Franchise Opportunities

Verbatoria franchise

Verbatoria is a neuro-based assessment tool. 30-minutes simple tests with brain-waves recorded by a Brain Computer Interface that allows objective measurements of brain inborn specifics, if there is a strong analytical or creative mind, music or sport intelligence, leadership potential, attention and memory specifics.

Why is our business so stable and highly demanded?

Neurometry has helped many families to look into the kid's future, to know the kid better and to make a difficult road to success easier!

We provide our services on SaaS model: You sell, conduct initial tests, collects raw data, send it to our server, and receive the report in 5-15 minutes.

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Reasons to start business with us

30% Master-Franchise Markup Offer in limited countries - Contact us for Details

  • Children’s education is the most rapidly growing trend in franchising.
  • 90% of parents at least once in their life seek advice from a specialist to determine strengths and weaknesses, choose a hobby club or direction of development, solve difficulties in mutual understanding with a child or spouse.
  • Benefit from Growing EduTech Market with Unique Service Offer In Your Region.
  • More than just a business, a smarter area with soul and meaning, with the potential to grow for years to come.

  • Support of experienced partners world-wide: we provide staff training, technical support with software and advise on lead generation using our website and online appointment system. We also generate reports once the raw data is uploaded to our servers.
  • Our franchisee-partners enjoy stable profit in 3 months average.
  • No effort and no risks. Only 150 sq. ft.
  • Home-based.
  • Full investment to break-even - less than $7,000!

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Verbatoria franchise for sale

How much does Verbatoria franchise cost?

Verbatoria has no franchise fee with starting investments from $4,990.

Minimum cash required: $4,990
Total investment range: $2,500 - $5,000

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You: provide a location for testing, set local digital ads, commercials in instagram, pinterest, fb, etc.
  • Rent an office 150sq.ft. for testing
  • Buy from us sensors, licenses and tests
  • Get from us a 2-day online zoom, or on-site training and get life-time licenses in your region
  • Set the price for your region, attract clients
  • Pay a fixed rate for the report
  • Market benchmark price per testing vary $60 to $100 (even $400 in Hong Kong)

Verbatoria Talent Quotient Franchise Advantages:

We fully support you in opening location for testing, hiring, marketing.

  • Train and certify your staff up to 3
  • Receive raw measurement data from neuro-sensor and algorithm prepares an individual report for the client
  • Set up your city landing page with your settings on our website and automatically send all requests to you
  • Include your specialists to Verbatoria community for an easy exchange of experience online
  • Help to consult your clients if necessary
  • Carry our regular trainings and webinars, support participation in exhibitions and conferences
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