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Halal franchises are certainly directly related to food, but not associated only with this industry, but also with many others.

Halal food is becoming more and more popular with fabricators and supermarkets in the UK. The Nestle company receives 35% of product sales thanks to halal.

Halal is a set of rules of behavior encouraged by the Koran. Speaking about meat, rules regulate slaughter. Halal also regulates the fashion industry, medicine, tourism, finance, and other services.

Halal has become a serious industrial tendency whose impact is increasing. More than 25% of the world's population are Muslims. Global spending on lifestyle is $ 2.1 trillion. According to forecasts, within 40 years their number will increase to 3 billion, provided that the previous growth rates of the world economy remain unchanged.


So you've determined that becoming your own boss attracts you and want to start a new halal-related business. You must understand that this is a risky move, especially in strong markets. Franchising can help with this and provide a solid foundation for you and your business.

When you start working with a franchise business, you will have access to full training and ongoing support from the parent company. At the same time, it does not matter at all which area you have chosen for your halal franchise, in any case, you will gain experience and knowledge of an existing business.

The advantage of franchising is a ready-made corporate infrastructure and a well-known brand that has won the trust of customers. Well-known branding is one way to make your new business even more attractive to buyers.

Franchising is exactly the case when you get a reputation right away. Companies created from scratch have to earn it on their own for years. They often have difficulties in finding clients; more than half of the companies switch to bankruptcy management within the first 3 years. Halal franchises are the guarantor of steadiness and a clean reputation, making it easier to enter the market.

When you become the owner of such a franchise, you get not only a brand and an impeccable reputation, but also access to the supply chain. This is truly a gift for those who are taking their first steps in their company.

Facts about Halal Franchises

According to global consumption data, halal food and beverages are the most popular category of goods, with their impact on other sectors increasing every year.

Halal clothing is defined by modesty. Clothing should cover most of the body. And if earlier independent Asian designers were engaged in the production of halal clothes, now world-famous companies have paid attention to this sector. For example, H&M Worldwide and Nike produce sports hijabs. All major supermarket chains in the UK have a wide selection of halal products, including Asda, Sainsbury's, and Tesco.

The number of Muslims in the UK is over 4.1 million. According to forecasts, in 30 years it will be already 13 million, while the cost of Muslim clothing by 2022 may reach 360 billion dollars.

In 2015, the global market for halal cosmetics amounted to more than $ 16.3 billion. There is a forecast that by 2025 it will grow to $ 52 billion. Halal cosmetics are characterized by the absence of alcohol and pork products.

Franchising versus independent business

Franchises represent a less financial risk for return on investment, which is proven by their profitability and sustainability, which is why banks prefer franchises.

The reason for the great risks of independent businesses is that they need to be created from scratch. And far from all companies pay off, and many even go bankrupt.

The advantage of a franchise business is to provide a complete supply chain and gain access to an up-to-date customer base. This enables new companies to benefit as much as possible from the parent company.

Before purchasing any franchise, not only halal, we advise you to carefully study the details of your potential franchisor, hire a franchise consultant and study the risks.

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