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Modern, bright, and unparalleled Uzbek fast food - Today in the world everything moves at a fast pace, the process of eating is accelerated, and the company always follows trends and quickly adapts to the market. This is how the world's first concept of fast food appeared, where the main dish is plov.

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The project is quite attractive for modern entrepreneurs and investors. Its main advantages in comparison with other types of catering are low initial costs, wide target audience, inexpensive products, stable income. offers successful and exclusive technology for working in this format, which allows you to achieve the highest possible turnover rates, with almost no write-offs (no more than 1%).

The project team includes more than 30 people: chefs, delivery service specialists, sales staff, designers, managers, and administrators. The accumulated experience of opening points, selection and training of a team, special conditions with suppliers from Uzbekistan and Russia, a business model, training at the plov academy, technological maps - we are ready to provide all this to our partner.

The strategy of the rightsholder company is based on building long-term partnerships with the franchisee, through constant support, involvement, optimization of the costs of maintaining highly qualified personnel provided by the management company.

“When people receive our box of plov, they experience positive emotions. They remember us. In addition to the fact that we have a high-quality product, personal responsibility, unique marketing, we do it with our soul. Not every company can say so, ”-says Ilkhom Ismailov.


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Chaikhansky plov

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Festive plov

The menu is based on three types of plov: festive plov prepared in teahouses on holidays, traditional teahouse plov of the Fergana Valley, and a vegetarian one. Also, on the menu, there are 3-4 types of hot dishes, salads, snacks, pastries, and desserts.

The ingredients for plov - rice and yellow carrots are delivered from Uzbekistan, the rest of the products are purchased from trusted suppliers. For our franchisee partner, we will provide special conditions for the purchase of the main ingredients for the preparation of plov.

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We invite for cooperation goal-seeking partners who want to conduct and develop a business under the franchise in their city.

Our drivers of success in building a franchise network:

  • We strive to become number 1 in the segment of Uzbek cuisine.
  • We create a strong, stable partner network.
  • It is important for us to have a mutually beneficial partnership with each of our partners.
  • Comprehensive support helps to achieve maximum partner performance at all stages of the business.
  • Professional opening team: flour shop chef, hot shop chef, and project manager. The team comes to the partner's city for two weeks.
  • Providing a territorial manager who helps in resolving operational issues, control over the maintenance of the point.
  • We work for the result. We are also interested in high profits, just like you.
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Franchise Formats

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business model of the franchise
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We offer you two successfully tested business formats. The management company conducts operational activities in Moscow and Moscow region, which includes:

  • Providing a territorial manager.
  • Implementation of calculation and management accounting.
  • Audit and quality control by a specialist technologist-auditor.
  • Marketing. Comprehensive promotion of the partner's point.

How much does the franchise cost? has a franchise fee from $3,500, with a total initial investment from $24,300.

Initial investments: from $24,300

  • Costs of setting up a legal entity
  • Rent
  • Renovation (fine finishing, electrical work)
  • Project documentation: architectural and technological projects
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Signboard
  • Kitchen tools
  • Software installation, license
  • CCTV
  • Telephony and Internet
  • Staff uniform
  • Household expenses
  • Working assets

Payback period: from 9 months
Average monthly turnover: $15,000
Royalties: 4%
Franchise fees: from $3,500

  • Registered Trademark, the right to use the brand in your city
  • The proven and successful business model
  • Assistance in the selection and assessment of premises
  • Assistance in choosing equipment and suppliers
  • Brandbook
  • Ready adapted layouts of advertising materials (leaflets, brochures, business cards, etc.)
  • Marketing plan, including federal and regional strategy for promoting the company
  • Recommendations for creating regional advertising campaigns
  • A full-fledged online store on a subdomain for your city
  • Decorated social media ready to go
  • Unique recipes, technological maps, photographs, graphic layouts of printed publications, seasonal menu
  • Business owner training program and internship in Moscow
  • Professional opening team
  • Opening team training program for line personnel
  • Consulting support at all stages of cooperation
  • High-quality PR support: collaborations with celebrities and brands

Other current payments: none

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Media and PR on the city food market

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History of success! "All you need is plov"

In 2013, while working at Aton company, I started thinking about my own small business. While eating pizza again at the next corporate event, I decided - why not to treat my colleagues by the national Uzbek dish - hot plov. The dish was ordered in a good restaurant of Uzbek cuisine, the test went off with a bang! Then I did a little research and found out that half of the Muscovites with incomes above the average make four to five orders of ready-made food a month, and their choice was not too wide - sushi, rolls, pizza. The only thing left was to equip the kitchen and start cooking plov.

About a million rubles of our savings were spent on creating a website and purchasing equipment for the kitchen. The main difficulties began at the stage of team selection. Fortunately, brothers, whom I invited to become partners, helped me. Zafar was successfully working in a development business and did not immediately decide on a startup. Soon Dilshod, my older brother, joined in, who was developing the family building materials business. They helped me to establish the basic operational processes: accounting, procurement, financial planning.

In ancient times in the East, people who shared a meal were considered friends. We decided to build marketing on this principle of oriental hospitality. Immediately after the launch of the project in the spring of 2014, we treated our friends to plov, hoping for word-of-mouth advertising, but this brought us only one-time sales. I felt the first "wow-effect" at the Startup Academy in Skolkovo, where I treated my MBA classmates to plov.

We understood that it was not just enough to cook a high-quality and tasty plov, we needed to be well known, so people would talk about us. The most important thing is that we wanted the service to evoke positive emotions and be associated with the holiday, so packaging, design, and presentation have come to the fore for us.

Now we are growing by more than 120% per year, our average check has already reached USD 50. We have more than a hundred applications for a franchise, and soon we will present a new offer for partners, which will allow us to scale, make it possible to make money, and create a business with our help for our partners in the regions and in international markets.

Ilkhom Ismailov
Founder of
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The business model of the franchise

Key economic indicators of the network:
Total initial investment - from $14,500 to $27,000
Average turnover per month $13,600 - $22,000
Financial strength from 36%
Net profit from $3,000
Payback period - from 9 months

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Requirements for franchise buyers
  • Availability of investments
  • Business experience, preferably in catering
  • Willingness to work, develop a network and share the values ​​of
  • franchise is a young and promising project
Room requirements
  • Premises owned or leased with water supply, heating, ventilation
Requirements for a factory-kitchen with delivery
  • Area for a factory kitchen from 70 m²
  • Electricity power: from 25 kW
Food court point requirements
  • Sizes from 15 m²
  • Electricity power: from 25 kW

Advantages of the franchise

  • A new concept in the fast food and food delivery segment
  • A successful business model since 2013
  • Fast payback of the project when all recommendations from the management company are followed
  • Lack of seasonality
  • Providing a territorial manager for solving operational problems, partners save resources and time
  • Business owner training program and internship in Moscow. On a full-time training course at the management company office, you will meet leading experts, get to know the team and learn from your own experience how works from the inside
  • Completely prepared and developed menu, seasonal menu
  • Marketing support. uses only the best online and offline channels that successfully operate at its own points
  • A modern website and online store, applications, promoted groups in social networks with a loyal audience
  • Bright corporate identity. Brand book. The base of layouts for the visual design of the point and POS materials
  • Business Book - The Complete Guide to Doing Business
  • Comprehensive partner support by experienced entrepreneurs and specialists 24/7 at every stage of cooperation
  • Verified suppliers with favorable terms
  • High-quality PR support: collaborations with celebrities and brands
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