Investment from $73,050

Investment from $80,835

Investment from $172,170

Investment from $43,850

Investment from $6,500

Investment from $13,000

Investment from $90,386

Investment from $76,315

Investment from $109,275

Investment from $155,900

Investment from $34,400

Investment from $90,600

Investment from $43,200

Investment from $20,435

Investment from $50,001

Investment from $46,750

Investment from $79,700

Investment from $56,495

Investment from $3,985

Investment from $159,325

Investment from $93,185

Investment from $57,560

Investment from $172,300

Investment from $81,805

Investment from $101,840

Investment from $202,150

Investment from $17,000

Investment from $96,198

Investment from $86,750

Investment from $80,150

Investment from $59,000

Investment from $43,325

Investment from $83,359

Investment from $47,500

Investment from $39,800

Investment from $73,470

Investment from $68,453

Investment from $640,350

Investment from $86,502

Investment from $110,700

Investment from $83,225

Cleaning Franchises For Sale

The demand for cleaning franchises has grown so far. They have a few advantages over non-franchise business as they offer assistance, their experience, trainings, marketing strategies, business insurance to their partners. There are business opportunities for entrepreneurs with quite different budget as they sometimes involve low costs in comparison to other franchise businesses. Cleaning services don't require special expensive equipment or rent of huge premises. The main thing which is really important for owning a cleaning franchise is reputation as the main factor for successful business. However, many of cleaning franchises for sale have already gained loyalty of customers all over the world, so buying the franchise you get positive image together with brand popularity. How to buy a good cleaning franchise? First you need to decide what kind of business included in the cleaning sector you`d like to run. Either it can be disinfection or commercial cleaning or restore franchise. Then check out the description and see what is included in the franchise package you are going to buy. And lastly, compare your budget to initial investments required. Hope you will find something good for you among the best cleaning franchises listed by us here!

Trends and Facts

Cleaning Franchise Industry Outline

Cleaning service industry is one of the oldest in the world. The information about janitorial work was observed in the Ancient Egyptian times. During Roman times cleanliness was promoted as a critical necessity for the society which caused the development of bath cleaning and sanitation services. At the time of Renaissance rich people hired poorer, lower class women to tidy up their houses. And by The Second World War cleaning services were mostly done by housewives or maids. Later on, after the war, women were engaged in work at plants and other activities and were not able to do housework. Thus, the demand for the services forced the establishment of cleaning franchise businesses. A lot of brands which provide the services such as Chem-Dry, Neighborly, Miracle Method were launched in the 1970s-80s. After that the market has constantly increased. Today, cleaning industry offers vast opportunities. It earns $ 46 billion dollars and is predicted to grow at 10% by 2026. The tendency is due to such factors as a dynamic lifestyle of people, a growing number of a middle class, aging population, social changes in woman`s role and others. A franchise consultant Mark Siebert is forecasting that 2022 year will be the best in the franchise industry for the last decade. It is determined by the fact that the unemployment rate is very high now and a lot of people are looking for jobs. So, franchise businesses including cleaning ones will be able to build a strong workforce, and labor cost will be lower compared to pre-pandemic years.

Services And Types Of Cleaning Franchises

Cleaning franchise market offers an abundant choice of services. Besides for room or office cleaning, it also includes carpet and upholstery cleaning, lawn care, dry cleaning and laundry, leather, plastic & vinyl restoration, junk removal, pest control. All in all cleaning franchises can be divided into three main types, such as commercial, residential, restoration businesses.

Commercial cleaning franchises deal with non-domestic services. They include vacuum cleaning the office, polishing surfaces, pest control, sanitizing, and cleaning industrial waste. The companies also operate in the hospitality sector. There are franchises which specialize in restaurant, hotel, transportation cleaning. The segment also provides industrial cleaning services which require special equipment as the employees work with hazardous materials sometimes.

Residential cleaning provide services for private homes or apartments. The range of their offerings includes picking up clutter, washing the floor, polishing surfaces and sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms.

Restoration cleaning franchises specialize in tidying up the mess after water, fire or other damages. The services include odor removal, mold remediation, weather damage repairs and others.

The Influence Of Pandemic On The Industry

Due to lockdowns, when a lot of people stayed at home, a lot of cleaning businesses which provided residential or office cleaning had declined sharply. However, some cleaning franchises quickly responded to the changes and offered special disinfecting services targeted at COVID-19. One of the innovations which appeared during the pandemic was the electrostatic sprayer. The device looks like a gun which gives molecules of disinfectant a positive electrostatic charge when they are spayed on the surface. The effect of the disinfection is very fast. The sprays were used in hospitals, hotels, and airports as well as for routine use in cars and apartments. Generally the protocol for cleaning services has been changed which requires additional tools. Thus, cleaning franchises see the changes as the opportunity to increase their range of services and implement new technologies which will facilitate disinfection and will help make the air fresher and cleaner.

Eco-Friendly Businesses

A lot of franchises are focused on providing eco-cleaning services. The tendency is determined by several factors. First of all, green cleaning of furniture , upholstery, and surfaces minimizes allergies, risk of asthma and other chronic diseases. Thus, more and more customers choose the companies which provide “healthy” cleaning services.

Another factor is the demand of the society for eco-friendly cleaning services. Therefore, franchise owners are looking for different ways to minimize environmental pollution. Such businesses try to use detergents that don’t contain harmful chemicals. They implement cleaning methods which require less natural resources like water or paper.

Franchises, which specialize in eco-cleaning, use less packaging, recyclable containers, environmentally-friendly mops, cleaning cloths and other equipment. Dry cleaning services are provided with carbon dioxide cleaners instead of Perchloroethylene which is toxic to humans. Among the most eco aware franchises it is worth mentioning such brands as The ChemStation System and ECOgate cleaning franchises.

Franchisee Requirements

Cleaning franchises have a lot of advantages for franchisees. Such businesses are always in demand, require low start-up costs, have predictable revenue, give the opportunity of flexitime or even part time jobs. One more benefit, is no need to have any background in cleaning, special skills or knowledge. As a rule, a franchisor provides a franchisee with training and teaches them to do the business. However, the applicant should have a strong work ethic, business acumen, be ready to learn and face the challenges, have strong leadership skills and be a good team player.

Franchise applicants can choose either to run the business themselves or hire a manager or a team who will help them. In such cases a manager should be approved by the franchisor, take part in the same training as the franchisee does, and sign the same agreements.


Cleaning franchises are thought to be among the most inexpensive businesses. They allow the opportunities even for entrepreneurs with a tight budget. Starting investments vary from $10,000 to $100,000. They include franchise fees, cost of professional cleaning tools and supplies, expenses for permits and licences, advertising and labor costs. The last two ones highly depend on the size of the business.

Special Regulations

Starting your own cleaning franchise, it is really important to make an appointment with a local advisor in order to receive a consultation on laws and regulations in the area. They actually vary according to the location of the business. However, there are common laws which every franchisee needs to know and follow, such as Occupational Safety and Health Act, sanitation laws, regulations which concern the use of chemicals and waste disposal.


Cleaning Market Overview

Benefits of owning a cleaning franchise

Cleaning services market size
Market segments
Preferences for franchisees
Successful practice

Top 10 Cleaning Franchises

  • Maid Simple
  • You’ve Got Maids
  • Sears Maid Services
  • Two Maids & a Mop
  • MaidPro
  • The Cleaning Authority
  • Maid Brigade
  • Merry Maids
  • Molly Maid
  • Maid Right