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About the brand BLUEFIN

About the brand BLUEFIN

BLUEFIN provides weekly direct deliveries of the highest quality fresh fish and seafood from Japan and the Far East, highly professional service and the ability to order various delicacies delivered to your home or event.

Every day we successfully fulfill 200-300 orders. The Bluefin team is made up of professionals with experience in the best restaurants in the world. Our chefs regularly undergo training abroad, and specialists from Japan regularly visit our production facilities.

The chain's flagship restaurant was opened in 2021. The restaurant entered the TOP 100 NEW RESTAURANT CONCEPTS according to the Palm Branch of the restaurant business. Our company received the Palm branch of the restaurant business in the nomination «For the best delivery service in the premium segment».

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Quality control

The BLUEFIN-IT information system allows you to maintain quality stability throughout the network, without relying on the skills and habits of employees. We have optimized recipes, created technological maps and selected flavor combinations. The layout of each working area in the kitchen is well thought out and ergonomic - this increases productivity and reduces cooking time.


Over the years we have been building a successful system. By investing in business, we develop, strengthen and scale it, we build a federal network. This is the approach that has allowed us to reach the level that we have today.

Every day we improve the information system, taking into account the needs of both staff and our customers throughout the network.

Efficiency and service, control and continuity of business processes, forecasting and accuracy of calculations, growth in orders and general mutual understanding.

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Branch formats

  1. Dark Kitchen - area from 100 sq.m.
  2. Restaurant - area from 200 sq.m. (from 50 sq.m. boarding hall)
  3. Investment package - Bluefin takes over full project management.
  4. Restaurant – Rebranding

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  1. Premises selection.
  2. Design project and Technological project.
  3. Renovation of premises.
  4. Selection and Training.
  5. Signing contracts with suppliers.
  6. Visit of the opening team.
  7. Opening
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This is BLUEFIN - Regular deliveries from the world's best provider.

  • Package, not having analogue.
  • Electronic knowledge base
  • Supreme food quality
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  • Your profit from $15,000/month.
  • Return on your investment in 8 months.

How much does the BLUEFIN franchise cost?

BLUEFIN has a franchise fee:
for Dark kitchen - $ 20 000
for Restaurant - $ 40 000

Initial Investments: Dark kitchen from $ 40,000, Restaurant from $ 135,000
Cost category:

  • Designing
  • Construction and installation works (with materials)
  • Equipment
  • Purchase of products
  • Operating expenses related to opening
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Information technology

Franchise Fee: from $20,000 (depends on the format)
Investments without a franchise fee: $40,000 - $135,000
Payback period: from 8 months
Average turnover per month: from $150,000
Royalties: 7%
Other current payments: none

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If you are . . .

  • Perfectionist in quality and service
  • Ready to meet strict standards to maintain high quality products
  • Has an initial investment
  • If you will be in charge of operating production management for all information

. . . then you can become our future partner.


Lack of competitors in this segment.

At present, BLUEFIN is the only company that delivers ready-to-eat oysters. Deliveries take place twice a week from the Far East and Japan, so the dishes get to the table as fresh as possible.

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