Kuznetsoff franchise
Kuznetsoff - franchise of personal fragrance according to the date of birth Investment from $ 46,030
Mac Tools franchise
Mac Tools - automotive tool franchise Investment from $ 106,026
GoliathTech franchise
GoliathTech - screw pile installing franchise Investment from $ 72,900
ProSource Wholesale franchise
ProSource Wholesale - home improvement franchise Investment from $ 509,649
Crown Trophy franchise
Crown Trophy - Award & recognition products Franchise Investment from $ 168,150
ChemStation franchise
ChemStation - industrial cleanser manufacturing franchise Investment from $ 309,600
N-Hance franchise
N-Hance - wood refinishing franchise Investment from $ 499,313
Tailored Living franchise
Tailored Living - home improvement franchise Investment from $ 156,930
Closet Factory franchise
Closet Factory - closet design & installation franchise Investment from $ 208,500
Kitchen Tune-Up franchise
Kitchen Tune-Up - Family camping resorts Franchise Investment from $ 71,900
TSS Photography franchise
TSS Photography - Youth sports, school & event photography franchise Investment from $ 7,500
Dream Maker Bath & Kitchen franchise
Dream Maker Bath & Kitchen - Kitchen, bath & interior remodeling Franchise Investment from $ 133,350
EatGatherLove franchise
EatGatherLove - Kitchen Remodeling Franchise Investment from $ 137,300
Smart Refinery Technologies Group franchise
Smart Refinery Technologies Group - oil refineries franchise Investment from $ 500,000
PrintBar franchise
PrintBar - clothing production with custom design master franchise Investment from $ 168,000
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Manufacturing Franchise Opportunities

Manufacturing franchise refers to production of goods and selling them either directly to the customer or wholesalers or retailers. Manufacturing franchises provide favourable business opportunities for both big and small companies as they deal with both custom and mass production.
Manufacturing franchises for sale listed here produce absolutely different stuff from furniture or tools to clothing with custom design. They are mostly well-established franchise businesses with adjusted working processes. Some of them have already become well-known internationally. Choosing a manufactoring franchise to own, consider what the franchise offer includes and the benefits of it. Many franchisors are ready to share with their partner not only tips on how to start the business but also trainings on all business processes.

Manufacturing Worldwide Market Overview

Benefits of owning a Manufacturing Franchise

Market size 2018
Successful practice
Segmentation by type

10 Business Manufacturing Ideas

  • Toy Manufacturer
  • Smartphone Accessory Maker
  • Plastic Container Manufacturer
  • Textile Producer
  • Furniture Maker
  • Woodworker
  • Niche Snack Foods Maker
  • Candy Maker
  • Bread Maker
  • Leather Manufacturer