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About the brand «Coffee Vending»

Coffee Vending enables anyone to become an overnight entrepreneur and launch a profitable coffee vending business. Are you searching for a low-cost, high-profit business that you can operate from home? Then a Coffee Vending Machine business might be the opportunity you've been dreaming about!

About the brand «Coffee Vending»
Start Your Dream Business Today!
Launch your own business with our self-serve coffee vending machines.

Our self-serve coffee vending machines can be setup virtually anywhere and practically run themselves. There are no employees to manage and they're easy to operate.

Customers can help themselves and choose from 8 gourmet coffee beverage options including coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, hot chocolate and more. All you need to do is restock your machines and cash out the earnings.

We'll Help You Choose the Perfect Location for Your Machines!

You're probably wondering where you can place your coffee vending machines to make the most money, right? Leave that to us!

Our team can help you place your machine(s) in high-traffic locations near your home including: office buildings, doctor offices, shopping malls, universities, auto dealerships, or anywhere else there is a high-volume of potential customers.

Once you're setup, we'll show you how to operate and replenish your machines. We can also provide you with ongoing supplies or you are free to purchase them on your own, either online or from the nearest restaurant supply store. The choice is yours.


Our 8 selection coffee vending machine allows you to sell any type of name-brand bean coffee you'd like. Brands such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Maxwell House, Eight O'Clock, and Seattle's Best are examples that can be sold out of the machine. You can purchase coffee from any big box store, restaurant supplier, or online retailer.

Coffee Vending Franchise


All machines come with a 1 year warranty which includes all parts and labor. If you would like to extend the warranty you can do so and it will cost you $150 per year per machine.

During the warranty period we do come to your machine every 60 days to provide a deep cleansing of the machine. If you were to incur any problems with the machine during the warranty you would place a service call and within 24 to 36 hours we will come to your machine and fix the problem.

A manual and DVD is provided showing you how to operate the machine. You would be the one to set your own pricing per selection.


With Coffee Vending, you can become a business owner and be on your way to financial freedom. Coffee consumption is a $20 BILLION dollar industry with the average coffee drinker consuming over 3 cups per day! No matter where you go, consumers are demanding premium coffee beverages just to get them through their day.

Coffee Vending combines the best of two fast-growing and very profitable industries—coffee and vending.

Now you can cash-in on the caffeine craze and enjoy of all of the perks and luxuries of owning a vending business.

Our innovative coffee vending machines are easy to setup, easy to maintain, and are almost pure profit. All you need to do is restock your machines as needed and find something to do to enjoy all of your new free time.

Vending is the perfect lifestyle business. You can work from home, make your own hours and manage your business from anywhere without any of the headaches that come with a traditional business (franchise fees, royalties, long hours, rent, employees, etc.).

How much does the Coffee Vending franchise cost?

Initial Investment: $12,500

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Coffee Vending Franchise Info

Franchise advantages

  • LOW STARTUP COST - Our turnkey opportunity costs a fraction of other businesses and franchises. Our flexible business packages are easy on the wallet and allow you to purchase a single machine or 100+.
  • WORK FROM HOME - Say goodbye to the dreaded 9 to 5 and start enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being an entrepreneur. With a coffee vending business you can make your own hours and work from home.
  • EASY TO OPERATE - Our self-serve vending machines practically run themselves. Customers can help themselves, eliminating the need for employees. All you need to do is restock your machines as needed.
  • HUGE PROFIT POTENTIAL - Coffee has one of the highest markups in the vending industry. With Coffee Vending, you're able to set your own prices and keep 100% of the sales. Best part is we don't charge you a royalty or any ongoing fees.
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