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ECOgate Franchise Opportunities

ECOgate franchise

"ECOgate" from "Creativa" is an effective preventive disinfection system to fight all known viruses, including Covid-19. After spraying the disinfectant, clothes, skin, and hair are completely cleaned of all known viruses. "ECOgates" are already actively used in shopping centers, sports facilities, and other places of mass gathering of people. The antiseptic is harmless to humans and does not cause an allergic reaction. "ECOgate" from the "Creativa" company - reliable protection against viruses!

ECOgate franchise for sale
  1. When you enter the gate, the motion sensor is triggered.
  2. Lighting turns on.
  3. The system for supplying the solution through the nozzles turns on.
  4. Disinfection is complete in 3 seconds.

The "ECOgate" franchise provides you with 100% support at all stages of development, full transfer of all technologies.

We will tell you everything we know ourselves. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

100,000 gates - the potential of any European country.

How much does the ECOgate franchise cost?

ECOgate has no franchise fee with a total initial investment from €50,000.

We also have another format of cooperation. If you don't want to buy Franchise, you can buy only our ECOgates.

The minimum purchase is 10 ECOgates per €5,000 each gate.

  • If you buy 50 Ecogates the cost of 1 gate is €3,800.
  • If you buy 100 Ecogates the cost of 1 gate is €3,600.
  • If you buy 500 Ecogates the cost of 1 gate is €3,300.
  • If you buy 1000 Ecogates the cost of 1 gate is €3,000.

Initial investments: from €50,000

  • Production of "ECO Gateways" on a turn-key basis
  • List of required equipment
  • Requirements for the production area
  • Production organization diagram
  • List of suppliers of equipment, components
  • Examples and instructions for the market launch of the product
  • A full package of documents following international requirements: commercial offers, booklets, contract forms, instructions
  • Certificates for disinfection"ECOgates": EAEU, test protocols, specifications, and Samples of "ECOgate"

Payback period: 2 months
Average turnover per month: from $100,000 to $500,000
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: none
Other current payments: none

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Success story of the ECOgate franchise

Creativa has been manufacturing LED screens of various modifications for indoor and outdoor advertising, media facades, and metal structures since 2014.

In 2020, the "ECOgate" project was launched, which plans to cover the whole world.

ECOgate franchise to own ECOgate franchise investment

Business model of ECOgate franchise

  • 100,000 gates - the potential of any European country.
  • On each gate, you can earn from $2,000, depending on the mobility of the partner and on his administrative capabilities.
  • The cost of 1 ECOgate is from $3,000, the price depends on the modification and size.
  • The cost price is 20-30% of sales.

* All indicators are individual and depend only on your efforts

Requirements for the buyers of the "ecogate" franchise
  • Business experience, willingness to work, and earn money, availability of funds. One of the most crucial points in the development of the project is the ability of the manager to go beyond getting administrative resources and government projects. This is required for the further implementation of "ECOgate" in public places.
Thanks to a depth of 600 mm, the ecogate can be installed at all entrance zones and areas of:
  • enterprises
  • medical institutions, hospitals, clinics
  • construction sites
  • railway stations and airports
  • government agencies
  • banks

Advantages of the ECOgate franchise

ECOgate franchise fee

Gates have upgrades:

  • Remote temperature measurement of one person or several people.
  • Face recognition system with a database.
ECOgate franchise opportunities
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