ZULIZ - Senior Shoes Retail Franchise

About the brand «ZULIZ»

ZULIZ, founded in 2015, specializes in senior shoes and is a market leader in China's elderly footwear industry. The brand operates stores in 32 provinces across mainland China and has a presence in various e-commerce channels. Notable for holding 383 national technical patents, ZULIZ focuses on the design and functionality of its products, receiving positive market feedback and customer praise. From 2020 to 2023, ZULIZ was ranked as China's No.1 brand in senior shoes and recognized among the top 500 Chinese brands. The company has achieved a GMV of RMB 5 billion in recent years. ZULIZ's unique approach includes developing the "Professional Elderly Shoes Last" based on seven-dimensional data of elderly foot shapes, ensuring a comfortable fit and addressing common foot issues in the elderly.

Zuliz provide professional elderly Shoes, with self-owned patents and technology, to help world elderly people for daily life.
We dedicated ourselves into this Elderly industry.

ZULIZ - Senior Shoes Retail Franchise

SIZE OF area

35m2 – 140m2.


  • Marketing Support
  • Free gift
  • Holiday pomotion material design

How much does the ZULIZ franchise cost?

ZULIZ has a franchise fee ranges from $2,500 (Single store), with a total initial investment of $200,000.

Initial Investment: $200,000

  • License Fee: $2,500 (Single store)
  • Products MOQ's Order: $37,500
  • Fee of Guarantee: $150,000

Payback period: 10-12 months
Decoration fee(Only furniture): 300$/sqm
Average turnover per month: $60,000
Franchise fees: $2,500 (Single store)

  • First three years
  • Brand usage fee Min USD2,500 (Single store) per year

Other current payments: 75,000 USD

  • payment for goods
  • Min requirment USD 37500 equivalent to one 20 HQ container.

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ZULIZ shoes (1)
ZULIZ shoes (2)
ZULIZ shoes (3)


Operation model per month (Store model)
Logistical Service fee$3,000.00
Other expenses$500.00
Stable cost$18,000.00
Cost of good sales$30,000.00
Marketing Fee$6,000.00
Total cost per month$54,000.00
Customer unit price$60.00
Daily Sales$2,000.00
Total Sales per month$60,000.00
Average daliy min sale units33pcs

ZULIZ shoes (4)
ZULIZ shoes (5)
ZULIZ shoes (6)


  • Capital prefers: 1,000,000 USD
  • Retail background experiences


  • Accredited brand recognition and support
  • Comprehensive training and operational guidance
  • Exclusive product lines and marketing strategies
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Retail outlet
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
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