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About the brand «Hausformator»

Hausformator is a company specializing in modular home construction.

We conduct sales at our headquarters and produce houses in our production plants based on franchise. All orders go through our office. It is here that customers sign the contract and deposit money into our account for the construction of their house.

The franchise plants produce modules according to the provided design, and then the house is transported to the customer. The franchise plant that manufactured the house carries out the assembly at the customer's site (to the developer's state) - which involves connecting modules and plastering the building.

Hausformator franchise - team
Hausformator is currently seeking investors willing to enter into a franchise partnership by opening a central office in their chosen country, supervising the expansion of our production facility network.

How our cooperation works:

  1. Hausformator brand signs an exclusive franchise agreement with the franchisee for a specific country (for example opening Hausformator Headquarters in France).
  2. The franchisee invests $200,000 to establish a central production facility, a showcase home, and employs 8 people. The franchisee registers a company, Headquarters France, with us, holding a 90% stake. We assist throughout the process of establishing the headquarters in the country, and our team trains the newly hired personnel. We develop online marketing strategies and install advertising banners, large logos, etc.
  3. The franchisee begins selling homes from our offer to customers within the country.
  4. Once the company is operating smoothly(even just 2 months after signing the contract), we start looking for franchisees who are interested in opening production facilities under our Headquarters France. (A license fee of $50,000 is charged for each new facility). 70% of the license fees belong to the franchisee operating Headquarters France.

In summary, the franchisee invests $200,000 in business development. Within a year, it is possible to establish 10 production facilities under the headquarters. From the license fees alone ($35,000 each), the franchisee earns a net profit of $350,000. Additionally, the sale of homes brings a profit of 20% of the order value. This strategy has proven successful in Poland, and we aim to replicate it with international investors in each country.

Hausformator Franchise


Modular Homes in Hausformator Technology

Hausformator offers clients the construction of modular homes based on a steel load-bearing structure combined with wooden framing. The franchisee has the opportunity to obtain exclusivity in a specific area for the production, sale, and marketing of Hausformator technology, materials, and projects. Detailed information about the franchise offer is available at:

Offer for the Franchisee

  1. We offer exclusivity in your chosen area for the sale and production of Hausformator modular homes. You have the opportunity to set prices for homes and additional services. You will not face competition from other production facilities.
  2. We do not charge commissions on completed orders! (We only require a license and monthly territorial fee.)
  3. We provide the opportunity to use Hausformator's projects, graphics, home photos, and other materials for marketing purposes.
  4. We provide a professional website for customers with paid global marketing.
  5. Access to tools on the internal Hausformator portal (contract generator, order processing, executive projects) for hall construction.
  6. Training for employees in Hausformator technology.

Commission for the Franchisor

  1. License fee of 100,000 zł net {about 22 000 Euro} for joining the network.
  2. Monthly territorial fee for the exclusivity area.

No other fees - you only gain with us.

Estimated Total Investment Capital

  • 200,000 zł net {about 44 000 Euro} (without a showcase home)
  • 380,000 zł net {about 84 000 Euro} (with a showcase home)

The above amounts include expenses related to running the facility during the first months: hiring staff, purchasing tools, constructing a welding cage, marketing, etc.

Profit for the Franchisee

The franchisee has the opportunity to set their own prices for building homes in their exclusivity area.
The efficiency of a team (3 assemblers, 1 welder) is 1.5 GX70 homes (with a utility floor), totaling 12 modules.
Hausformator Offer:
With low home prices, the profit ranges from 20% to 30%.


You don't need to have experience in construction work. Commitment and capital are sufficient, and we will help you develop a smoothly functioning Hausformator branch and train you in our technology. By signing the contract, we establish exclusivity in the area, where each customer can only be served by your production facility. The monthly fee depends on the chosen area.

More information can be obtained by contacting us via email:

How much does the Hausformator franchise cost?

Hausformator has a franchise fee of $100,000, with a total initial investment of $200,000.

Initial Investment: $200,000
The Headquarters of Hausformator (Expenses)

  • License $100 000 net
  • The construction of a show home $50 000 net
  • Advertising materials (hall, bus, banners) $10 000 net
  • Renting a production hall
  • Bus leasing for assembly trips
  • Employee salary (3x construction worker, 1x welder, 2x consultant, 1x logistician)
  • Paid Advertising Google Ads
  • Subscription for rights to construction projects $500/month

Payback period: 4 months
Average turnover per month: 50 000 USD – prediction based on our experience in Poland
Royalties: 500$ / month
Franchise fees: 100 000$ USD.
Rights to use the logo, brand, and promotional materials of Hausformator.
Assisting in smooth network expansion, advertising, and running a business based on experience in house sales in Poland:

  • training support in the field of construction in our technology
  • welding cage design necessary for the construction of houses
  • advertising materials (visualizations, banners, videos)
  • house designs (we are constantly expanding our offer with new models)
  • creating a website for clients (house sales)
  • developing an internal application for franchise network management, order processing and document generation

Other current payments: 0 USD.

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Hausformator - housesHausformator - houses (2)
Hausformator - houses (3)Hausformator - houses (4)
Hausformator - houses (5)Hausformator - houses (6)


The Headquarters of Hausformator (Expenses)

  • License $100 000 net
  • The construction of a show home $50 000 net
  • Advertising materials (hall, bus, banners) $10 000 net

The Headquarters of Hausformator (Monthly Expenses)

  • Renting a production hall
  • Bus leasing for assembly trips
  • Employee salary (3x construction worker, 1x welder, 2x consultant, 1x logistician)
  • Paid Advertising Google Ads
  • Subscription for rights to construction projects $500 /month

The Headquarters of Hausformator (profit)

  • The entire profit from the building and sale of the house after paying the commission to the plant that produced it (house prices are determined by H_Invest)
  • 70% of each license for joining the franchise through production plants in the selected country (H_PL receives 30%)

In summary, H_Invest needs to have a capital of approximately $200,000 net. If the franchisee license is set at $50,000 net, the investment will be recovered after signing agreements with 6 plants. (The license fee will be jointly determined by H_PL and H_Invest).

The sale of houses generates profit, from which H_Invest's headquarters does not have to pay a single dollar in commission to H_PL.


  • Initial investment 200 000$
  • Residency in the territory of the franchise being built
  • Strong charisma, willingness to take action, ability to lead a team

No prior experience in the construction industry required, we are seeking a businessperson to oversee operations at the highest level.


The investor establishing the Headquarters in a given country is responsible for implementing the exact same network management system that our brand operates in Poland. This is a proven solution that we have developed based on years of experience gained during the company's operation.

About the brand «Hausformator»


Investor is obligated to build a production plant in a location in accordance with the requirements specified in the agreement


Hausformator initially started its journey by manufacturing its first homes in Wroclaw, operating as a small-scale production facility. Alongside the production plant, we had an office dedicated to designing custom homes for our clients. The response was overwhelming, with a significantly higher demand for our homes than our modest facility could handle. This prompted us to make a strategic decision—to establish a franchise network of production plants.

Today, our franchise network of production plants extends throughout Poland, enabling us to meet the growing demand for our modular homes. Over the years, we have diligently fine-tuned our order management system, optimized the logistics of material supply, and refined our marketing strategies. These efforts have resulted in a well-oiled machine that ensures seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

Having achieved success within the borders of our nation, we now aspire to expand our brand beyond our homeland. Our goal is to replicate our proven system of efficient home construction and deliver outstanding results in new markets.

With our experience, expertise, and dedication to excellence, we are confident in our ability to establish successful franchise operations in other countries. We are ready to embark on this exciting new chapter, bringing the innovative and customizable Hausformator homes to a broader audience.

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