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About the company

Konkrid is a new brand from Eurobeton company, the leader in high-quality ready-mixed concrete of all major brands. Konkrid is a modern concrete plant with European quality standards. We produce concrete mixtures with strict adherence to the composition and mixing time, quality control at the output of the produced concrete mixtures complies with the requirements of state standards - GOST 7473-2010.

Mission of «Konkrid» is to provide access to concrete mixtures with the most precise adherence to the composition for high quality construction work throughout Russia.

Description of the franchise for concrete plant - Konkrid

Franchise for the concrete plant - innovative technologies, fully automated production and management processes, high level of customer service.

Whom is our business suitable for?
For existing concrete plants, as an opportunity to modernize and automate the production of concrete mixes and increase income.

For investors, interested in the creation and development of a production project that brings a stable income.

Konkrid franchise

Franchise offer

We offer two business formats that are time-tested, working even if the economic situation of the country is in recession or crisis. By opening a business with us, you get a huge sales market and product demand, independant from the exchange rate.

Konkrid concrete batching plant franchise

Franchising formats

Rebranding of existing concrete plant under the «Konkrid» brand
Format NEW
Building of the concrete plant under the «Konkrid» brand
Investments: from $6,840 to $13,680 Investments: from $957,520
Franchise fee: $68,395 Franchise fee: $68,395
Turnover: $451,400 Turnover: $451,400
Royalty: 2% Royalty: 2%
Payback: 24 months Payback: 42 months

Our partners get everything to start producing and making money - modern equipment, personnel training and certification, a unique CRM system, marketing support, step-by-step instructions, systematic product quality control.

What is included in the franchise fee

  • Providing recommendations for selecting territory for the construction of a concrete plant
  • Providing a list of equipment and a plan for the arrangement of equipment
  • Provision of services for commissioning works and installation supervision
  • Providing a list of regulatory documents and forms for filling them for organizing production in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation
  • Recommendations for recruiting: providing samples of vacancies, job descriptions, interviewing final candidates for key positions
  • Training of the top management of the company on the organization of business processes in Tyumen city
  • Training of specialists at the «Konkrid» concrete plant in Tyumen city
  • Connection of our own crm-system "bereg", which allows to regulate all management and production processes
  • Providing materials on organizing business processes in the enterprise (standard forms, financial tables)
  • Transfer of templates and layouts of advertising materials: brand book, business cards, brochures
  • Placement of information about the franchisee company on the federal website of the company «Konkrid»
  • Providing a one-page website layout for franchisees
  • Providing prepared advertising campaigns for the franchisee region
  • Systematic quality control of concrete testing in Konkrid's own laboratory

How much does the Konkrid franchise cost?

Konkrid has a franchise fee ranges from $68,395, with a total initial investment from $13,680 to $957,520.

Initial investments:
Rebranding from $13,680;
Opening of a new plant from $957,520.

  • Territory lease
  • Factory lease
  • Office rent
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Branding
  • Software
  • Office equipment
  • Video monitoring
  • Furniture
  • Additional expenses

Payback period:
Rebranding from 24 months;
Opening of a new plant from 42 months.

Average turnover per month: from $451,400
Royalties: 2%
Franchise fees: $68,395
Other current payments: none

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Advantages of Konkrid products

Quality. For the production of concrete mix, we use high quality components (crushed stone, sand).

Strength. Careful adherence to concrete production technology allows us to produce high quality, durable concrete.

German equipment. The production of concrete is carried out at the ELBA concrete plant, guaranteeing the accuracy of dosing and the grade of concrete.

Honesty in the volume and grade of concrete. The ordered volume of concrete is delivered in full compliance with the order. The products are confirmed by a quality certificate and undergo laboratory analysis.

High level of service. Automatic sms-notification of the client about the order, the volume of concrete and the time for concrete delivery. We ship concrete on the day of order, thereby saving the client's time.

Laboratory control. Our own certified laboratory and qualified specialists allow to effectively control the quality of raw materials and the quality of finished products.

Clients' recommendations. The quality of concrete is assessed over time. Our concrete is recommended to neighbors, business partners.

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Updated: 12.01.2022
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