Franchise PrintBar - master franchise for clothing production with custom design

Description of PrintBar - Master Franchise for Clothing Production with Custom Design

PrintBar - How to Start a Profitable Franchise

Initial investments from: $168,000

Payback period: 12 months

Turnover per month from: $270,000.

Operating profit from: $45,000 per month.

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Franchise advantages.

No analogs in the world market!

The business is well-established in Russia and the franchise can be easily scaled to any country or even continent!

Franchise offer

A leading company in manufacturing custom (personalized) clothing PrintBar offers to start highly profitable, innovative, up-to-date business based on online trading.

The business has been run for three years in Russia and has millions of turnover! We encourage you to start producing clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, etc.) with custom designs in any country except Russia.

Franchise benefits:

  • Tens or hundreds of thousands in income
  • Exclusive territory
  • High profitability and short payback period
  • A huge clothing assortment without remnants
  • We provide you with marketing tips and customers!
  • The technology has been successfully implemented for three years
  • A unique customization technology
  • Fast return on investment
  • High investments liquidity, 70% in fixed assets (equipment, materials)
  • Trademark, domain, CRM, traffic
  • Cheap and quick preparation for printing
  • Unique technology for preparing a layout for printing
  • More than 10'000 unique designs at once
  • Website + CRM + TT
  • Purchase price of fabric
  • A team of developers - programmers and designers working arround-the-clock.

We provide our partner with:

  • Country exclusive,
  • Around-the-clock back office for technological preparation of T-shirts and other clothes for printing
  • Our preparation and printing technology, allows you to create clothes with custom prints within 1 hour.
  • 4 500 orders per month (from the fourth month of work)
  • Average check of $60
  • Average turnover (in the first year of work) is $270,000
  • Lump-sum payment (varies depending on the country) approx. $100,000
  • Royalty payment first three months is 5% (further 10%)
  • Average operating profit is $45,000 per month (the first year of work)
  • Payback period from 12 months.
Franchise opportunities - PrintBar

How much does PrintBar franchise cost?

PrintBar has the franchise fee of up to $50,000, with total initial investment from $218,000.

Initial investments: from $218,000 (including lump sum payment $50,000)
Payback period: from 12 months
Turnover per month: $270 000
Royalties: first three months 5% (further 10%)

  • Well-established highly technological business
  • Attracting customers via the Internet.

Turnkey business: about $100,000 (depending on the country)

  • Turnkey business
  • Website with tens of thousands of products, with unique designer prints
  • Website translation to the language of your country
  • A guide to doing business
  • Start-up team for launching the business in your country for 2 - 4 weeks
  • Assistance in staff hiring and certification
  • Franchise guide with all standards of service and work.

Other current payments: $168,000, include

  • Equipment
  • Premises and office from 200 to 300 m² rental
  • Purchase of materials for 2 weeks of work
  • Staff hiring expenses
  • Costs for starting PR and marketing campaigns
  • Availability of $50,000 on the account in the country of business.

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Requirements for buying the franchise
  • Availability of the necessary funds.
  • Experience in running business.
Requirements for the room
  • area 200 - 250 m²
  • availability of 30 kW electric power.
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